Organic Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

Fish emulsion is one of the many options when choosing organic fertilizers for your herb garden, vegetable garden, flower garden, or whatever type of garden you have at home. Organic fish emulsion fertilizers contain a lot of micronutrients that is vital to any plants. Aside from micronutrients, fish emulsion contains trace elements that are very effective way in controlling pests, specifically nematodes. However, fish emulsion fertilizers do not contain a lot of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium or NPK, compared to other organic fertilizers.

Sources of Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

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Organic Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

Commercially prepared fish emulsion fertilizers are usually obtained from fish meal trade or from various fish canning industries. Fishes that are of high protein values are harvested for it to be made into a fish emulsion fertilizer. To make a fish emulsion fertilizer, harvested fish are cooked and after pressed to collect the fish oil. Liquid in the fish is centrifuged to make the fish soluble to be made into a fish emulsion. Once the fish is already soluble, it will then be boiled to a gummier solution as the last process in making a fish emulsion. Since fish has this distinct smell, a deodorizer will be added to help in masking off the smell from the fish emulsion.

Using Organic Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

Fish emulsion usually comes in a concentrated form that needs to be diluted with water before use. After diluting the fish emulsion with water, it will then be sprayed on by a foliar spray to your garden. However, you have to be careful in using a foliar spray or any other spray bottles, since diluted fish emulsion may still contain large particles that can possibly clog the nozzle of your spray bottle, since large particles of the fish emulsion can commonly be dragged up into the bottle spray head.

Dilute Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

You will not need to a lot of fish emulsion to make a gallon of diluted fish emulsion fertilizer. All you need to mix in 1 gallon of water is at least 1 table spoon of concentrated fish emulsion to 5 tablespoons of concentrated fish emulsion. Once you have diluted your fish emulsion, you can now apply it to your garden.

When to Apply Fish Emulsion

It will be best not to apply the diluted fish emulsion fertilizer during the heat of the day. Applying fish emulsion during the heat of the day can release all it micronutrients and other minerals too quickly and it can also make the fertilizer more foul smelling.

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