Citrus Oil as an Organic Pesticide

Citrus fruits are not only boosting with vitamin c that is very beneficial in one’s immune system. Citrus fruits can also be very beneficial to gardeners. Citrus fruits have pest repelling properties that can be used in making organic pesticides or insecticides. What makes citrus fruits beneficial when used as pesticides is that it does not contain any harmful chemicals or properties that can be dangerous to humans. Citrus fruits as an organic pesticide are very safe to humans, and in fact, many companies are utilizing citrus fruits as the base ingredient for various insect or pest repellent products.

Properties of Citrus Fruits as a Natural Pesticide

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Citrus Peels

Limonene is found in citrus oils extracted from citrus peels, which is a very good natural pesticide. Aside from limonene, citrus peels also contain linalool that can be taken from the citrus oil extracted from the fruit’s rind. Limonene and linalool may not actually or directly kill various pests and insects, it will however make pests and insects avoid the treated area.

How to Extract Oil from Citrus Peels

Since both, limonene and linalool are found in citrus oils extracted from citrus peels, you can easily do it at home and make your own citrus peel organic pesticide. Here is how to extract citrus oil from citrus peels or rinds:

  1. Collect citrus peels and dry them.
  2. Once citrus peels are dried, grind the dried citrus peels.
  3. Soak dried and grind citrus peel in grain alcohol.
  4. Strain citrus peel and leave the grain alcohol to evaporate.
  5. Once grain alcohol is totally evaporated, the left liquid or oil is the citrus oil.

Citrus Oil as an Organic Pesticide

It will only need a few drops of citrus oil to make an organic pesticide for your herb garden, flower garden, vegetable garden, or whatever type of garden. A single drop of citrus oil is loaded with limonene and linalool, which will only need you a couple of drops of citrus oil to make your very own organic pesticide spray. Mixing several drops of citrus oil to 1 quart of luke warm water and adding a few drops of organic dishwashing liquid soap into a spray bottle can make a homemade citrus oil organic pesticide. You can spray or sprinkle diluted citrus oil directly to your entire garden, and you will see that pests and insects will avoid your garden. And if you still do not need to use citrus oil as pest control, you can keep your oil and only mix your pesticide whenever you are going to need it.

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