Pepper as an Organic Pesticide

Pesticides that can be bought in hardware stores, gardening supplies, etc., may contain harmful chemicals that will not just get rid of pest and insect infestations in your garden, but it can also damage your entire garden and it can possibly harm the health of your entire family. Pest control can’t be a problem just as long as you know what insects and pests are you dealing with. In choosing effective pest controls, such as pesticides or insecticides, why not try using organic pesticides? Organic pesticides are surely safe for all your herbs and to your whole family, but still as effective as those harmful pesticides commercially prepared.

Pepper Spray as an Organic Pesticide

People can make their own organic pesticide at home and save a lot of money from buying commercially made pesticides from the market. Pepper spray is one effective organic pesticide that is not just effective in getting rid of pest and insect infestations, it is also environment and health friendly. Peppers contain natural ingredients that can effectively repel insects away from your herb garden or whatever garden you have at home.

Capsaicin in Peppers

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Pepper as an Organic Pesticide

Capsaicin is the ingredient or property found in peppers that can work wonders as a pesticide. Capsaicin is responsible for the hotness of peppers. Pepper sprays are not just used as organic pesticides when sprayed directly to the pest or insect infested plants, pepper sprays are even used as self defense by policemen or even ordinary citizens in the community.

Making Your Own Pepper Spray

You do not have to purchase pepper sprays just for you to use on your plants. You can make your own pepper spray at home.

  1. Add 2 tbsp. of hot sauce or 2 tbsp. of cayenne pepper to 1 quart of water.
  2. Add 4 to 5 drops of dishwashing liquid soap to the mixture.
  3. Mix well and set aside for one day.
  4. After setting aside, you can now use it and spray it to your entire garden.

Pepper Powder as Organic Pesticides

If you do not have pepper sprays, you can make use of ordinary pepper powders that you can easily find in your kitchen. Cayenne pepper powder can even be used as an organic pesticide. All you have to do for you to use your pepper powder as a pesticide is just to sprinkle it around the plant or even the entire garden. You can really see that most insects, even slugs and snails will avoid going near your entire garden.

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