Orange Peels to Repel Ants

Citrus peels used as an organic pesticide or insecticide are way safer than other commercially prepared pesticides.

Orange Peels to Repel Ants

Next time you and your family is going to eat oranges, you will no longer have to dispose the orange peels. Citrus oils extracted from citrus peels contain properties that are effective in repelling numerous pests and insects, even ants. Limonene is found in citrus oils and has been proven to be responsible in repelling ants in any of your herb garden design or even in various areas in your home. Citrus peels used as an organic pesticide or insecticide are way safer than other commercially prepared pesticides, since citrus peels as a pesticide is less toxic, which makes it safer for everyone around you, including your family or even pets.

Limonene in Orange Peels

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Orange Peels to Repel Ants

Limonene is the active ingredient that gives orange peels its aromatic and citrusy scent. Orange peels are concentrated with limonene, which makes orange peels sometimes irritating to the skin to some sensitive individuals. Limonene, as mentioned earlier, is the active ingredient that is used in repelling various pests and insects. Aside from orange peels used in making a pest repellent, dried orange peels can also be made into a tea and other food flavorings. There is nothing to worry about, since orange peels are proven to be safe to humans when it comes to food or even tea preparations.

How to Use Orange Peels in Repelling Ants?

Using orange peels in repelling ants is very simple. All you have to do is follow these easy and simple steps:

  1. Place dried orange peels into a blender and add water just enough to cover all the orange peels.
  2. Blend both orange peels and water.
  3. Pour mixture (orange peel and water) directly to the ant colony.

Aside from pouring the dried orange peel mixture directly into the ant colony, you can also use the mixture by placing a line at any entry points where you do not want ants to cross over. The mixture will prevent or discourage ants from crossing it.

Advantages of Dried Orange Peels as Pesticides

Unlike any other commercially prepared pesticides that smell very bad, pesticides or insecticides made with orange peels have a pleasant smell. Aside from the smell, orange peel pesticides are safe to human beings and your pets. Orange peels can even be used directly into your garden, since it will not harm your plants and the same time, it will not add harmful toxins and chemicals to your plants that can most probably harm the health of your whole family.


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