How To Grow Lemon Thyme In Your Herb Garden

Bring Lemon Thyme In Your Herb Garden Design

For an aromatic herb garden design, lemon thyme herb is one of the best options to choose on. It is an herb providing amazing benefits due to its exceptional usages. It can be grown in dry or sunny areas. It is a Mediterranean herb that holds a strong flavor for which people use it in making delicious dishes in their kitchen. The lemon thyme herb blends perfectly with several other flavors like olive oil, tomatoes and garlic etc. Due to the antiseptic qualities of thyme herb, people use it for different ailments. It also has preservative qualities for which it is used in meat items to keep them safe for long time.

Harvest Information To Grow Thyme Herb In Your Herb Garden Design

To grow thyme herb in your garden, the correct harvesting information is essential. Although, the harvesting of thyme herb can be done any time round a year, yet some points should always keep in mind before proceeding. You should snip few thyme stems. The flowers of this plant are edible and these are at its best at its first opening. From seed, it grows in slow speed and takes few months to grow in its full size.

Description Of Lemon Thyme Plant

Herb Garden Desing - Thyme Herb

Lemon Thyme Is A Low Growing Plant

Basically, it is low growing plant. It is a woody plant rich in perennial properties. It gives great fragrance and is extremely flavorful plant. It grows in perfect way if you provide it dry and tough conditions. It gives beautiful flowers in different colors like lavender, pink and white. Beautiful bees enhance the attractiveness of the plant. The leaves of this plant remain always green and small in size. It has around 350 species that you can find easily from any nursery.

Interesting Way To Design Lemon Thyme Herb In Your Garden Area

The plant thyme herb is often used for ground cover. It grows happily on its own in wall cracks or cracks near rocks or pavers. The thyme seeds can be bought easily from any nearby grocery store or nursery. Buying thyme herb seeds in bulk will be more beneficial if you are interested to make a lawn of thyme herb. It comes in big variety in which variegated and golden are the best ones. These varieties look amazing in pots. You can use thyme as edge, however it dies in spots. Therefore you should always be ready for new plants.

Get Lemon Thyme Herb In Huge Variety

The lemon thyme herb is a plant which you can find in big variety. Plain green is the common variety of lemon thyme herb. In addition to plain green, you can also see it in small rounded edged leaves, Doone Valley etc. It gives colorful flowers. Some varieties give yellow color flowers and some produce flowers in white and some in red and gold colors.

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