Orange Peels’ Insecticidal Properties

Citrus oils derived or taken from citrus peels are useful in making organic pesticides for several different pests and insects that can possibly infest your vegetable garden, fruit garden, herb garden, or whatever garden you have. Orange peels or citrus peels can be a perfect alternative to harmful and toxic pesticides that are commercially made as a pest control. Orange peels are not just organic, it is also safe for humans and also to your pets. Properties of citrus peels are not only effective in getting rid of insects and pests, it can also be effective in inhibiting them from reproducing.

Pinene in Orange Peels

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Orange Peels’ Insecticidal Properties

Pinene is the compound found in orange peels that act as an insecticid. Pinene can be found in citrus oil extracted from citrus peels, which can help in killing mosquito larvae. Aside from killing mosquito larvae, citrus oils also contain limonene and linalool, both compounds are effective pesticides that will drive pests away from your garden. Limonene and linalool will not directly kill pests in your garden, it will work by driving pests and insects away from your garden, and other pests will also avoid your garden that is treated with citrus oil.

How to Use Citrus Peels as a Pesticide

There are several different ways on how to use citrus peels as an organic pesticide. Here are some of the common uses and ways for citrus peels to be used as a pesticide or even as an insecticide.

  1. Citrus Peels – You can use citrus peels as is for your garden. Just by simply scattering citrus peels all over your garden can already ward off numerous pests and insects away from your garden. Just evenly distribute or spread citrus peels around your garden, for it more to cover larger area in pest control.
  2. Orange Zest – Orange zest can be done by grating the outer portion of the orange peel or citrus peel. Once zest is already done, you can now sprinkle it around where you do not want flies and mosquitoes to go near.
  3. Insect Spray – Insect spray is very easy to do. Just steep citrus peels or just orange peels in 2 to 3 cups of boiling water and leave it there for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can now then transfer the liquid to a spraying bottle, leaving citrus peels behind. You can now use it by spraying to areas where you want to get rid of various pests and insects, just like in your garden.


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