Is Fish Oil Fertilizer Good?

Is Fish Oil Fertilizer Good For Your Herb Garden?

Fish oil fertilizer is also known as the fish emulsion fertilizer. This type of fertilizer is an organic and generally environmentally safe. What makes fish oil fertilizer to be a good type of fertilizer to any types of gardens, such as herb gardens is that the fish oil fertilizer contains three of the most important and basic plant nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Aside from the three important and basic nutrients, fish oil fertilizer also contains various important micronutrients that plants need in small quantities or amounts for them to survive and grow healthily.

Key Points:

  • Fish oil fertilizer contains key nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that plants need.
  • The micronutrients in fish emulsions also benefit plant health and growth.
  • Fish oil should always be diluted to avoid burning plants.
  • Foliar sprays provide immediate nutrient absorption.
  • Fish fertilizer gives seeds and seedlings an extra boost when first planted.

Diluted Fish Oil Fertilizer

Is fish oil fertilizer good

Before using fish oil fertilizer, it is very important to dilute it first with water. Fish oil should not be used in its concentrated form. In every 1 tablespoon of fish oil fertilizer, it should be diluted in a gallon of water. Make sure that you will only dilute enough amounts of fish oil fertilizer with water according to your need, since storing a fish oil fertilizer diluted in water for a long time can lose all its potency. Just dilute fish oil fertilizer when you will need to use it.

Fish Oil as a Foliar Spray

If your herb garden or whatever kind of garden needs a quick energy boost, using the fish oil fertilizer as an foliar spray will be very beneficial. Using the fish oil fertilizer as a foliar spray will usually provide immediate results, since the plants will directly absorb its nutrients. Foliar spray means that you are going to dilute 1 tablespoon of fish oil with 1 gallon of water and place it inside a spraying bottle. Once mixed properly, you will then spray it directly on the plant’s leaves and stems. Make sure that all parts of your plants are covered with the fish oil foliar spray.

Seeds and Seedlings for Fish Oil Fertilizer

Unlike other widely used organic fertilizers, fish oil fertilizer can provide quick release of all its nutrients and micronutrients upon application. When you are going to transplant seeds or transfer seedlings to another place, using a fish oil fertilizer can really be helpful. Aside from using the fish oil fertilizer as a start in planting seeds or transferring seedlings to a new garden, fish oil fertilizer can also be used as a supplemental feeding all throughout the year. However, you should keep in mind that not all plants find fish oil fertilizers to be as effective as for other plants.


Fish oil fertilizer can be an excellent organic boost for herb gardens. The nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients in fish emulsions provide readily available plant food. Dilute before applying directly to soil or as a foliar spray. Fish fertilizer is especially useful when planting seeds or transplanting seedlings, giving them an immediate nutrient jumpstart. While not all plants respond as well to fish oils, they are generally safe for most edible and ornamental gardens. Used properly and in moderation, fish emulsion fertilizers can nourish herbs and other plants with a fast-acting, environmentally sustainable nutrient source.

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