How to Apply Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

Fish oil emulsion fertilizer is classified into a type of organic fertilizer that can supply or give your herb garden or whatever type of garden you have at home with important nutrients and minerals that can support healthy growth to your plants. However, not all people find fish emulsion fertilizer to be a great organic fertilizer option for their gardens, because, fish emulsion fertilizer comes with an unpleasant smell when used. What those people do not know is that the unpleasant smell coming from the fish emulsion fertilizer will almost always be gone after 24 hours since the application.

Key Points: 

  • Fish emulsion fertilizer provides plants with a range of important nutrients from liquefied fish parts.
  • While it has an unpleasant smell at first, the odor dissipates within 24 hours of application.
  • Fish emulsion fertilizer can be homemade easily and economically using fish scraps and water.
  • Proper application involves spraying leaves and stems as well as watering the soil to feed roots with nutrients

Why Fish Emulsion Fertilizer?

Fish emulsion fertilizer contains nutrients and minerals found in other commercially prepared fertilizers. Well in fact, fish emulsion fertilizer can even provide more nutrients and minerals than other organic fertilizers. There are numerous benefits of fish emulsion fertilizer, and one of which is that fish emulsion fertilizer can be made at home and it will not cost you a lot of money. Fish emulsion fertilizer is made from liquefied fish parts and mixed with water. Making your own fish emulsion fertilizer is very easy to do and it will not take you weeks before you can use your homemade fish emulsion fertilizer to your garden.

watering the garden with fish fertilizer

How to Apply Fish Emulsion Fertilizer?

To let your entire garden gain fish emulsion fertilizer’s full benefits, you will need to apply or use the fish emulsion fertilizer to your garden correctly. Here are some tips on how to apply or use the fish emulsion fertilizer correctly:

    1. You will need a garden sprayer that can accommodate at least 1 gallon amount of liquid in it.
    2. Pour 1 tablespoon of the concentrated fish emulsion fertilizer and mix 1 gallon of water inside the garden sprayer and close the garden sprayer tightly.
    3. Shake the solution gently until both the water and fish emulsion fertilizer are mixed properly.
    4. Face the nozzle of your garden sprayer to the leaves and stems of your plants and spray. Make sure that you will be able to cover all the parts of the leaves, including the bottom part of it, and the stem when spraying.
    5. Once you have covered all parts of your plants with the fish emulsion fertilizer, open the cover or lid of your fish emulsion fertilizer and pour the remaining fish emulsion fertilizer directly to the soil for the roots of your plants to absorb.

FAQ: Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

What nutrients does fish emulsion fertilizer contain?
Fish emulsion contains macronutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus and micronutrients like iron, magnesium, and zinc to nourish plants.

Why does fish emulsion fertilizer smell unpleasant initially?
The odor is from the fish proteins and amino acids breaking down but dissipates as the fertilizer dries within 24 hours.

Is fish emulsion better than synthetic chemical fertilizers?
Fish emulsion is organic and provides a wider range of nutrients compared to synthetic options. It also improves soil health.

How is fish emulsion fertilizer made?
It involves liquefying fish scraps in water using a blender or chemical process. The emulsion is then strained.

How long does homemade fish emulsion take to prepare?
Homemade fish emulsion takes 2-4 weeks to break down fish parts into an aqueous fertilizer solution.

When is the best time to apply fish emulsion fertilizer?
Fish emulsion can be applied at planting, every 2-4 weeks during growth, and 2 weeks before harvest.

What is the best way to apply fish emulsion to plants?
Use a spray bottle to coat plant leaves and stems. Also pour remaining concentrate directly onto soil around roots.

Are there any safety considerations with fish emulsion?
Wear gloves when handling. Triple rinse produce before consuming. Store sealed when not applying to avoid odor.

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