How to Make Your Own Fish Emulsion Fertilizer?

by Joseph Miller

How to Make Your Own Fish Emulsion Fertilizer?

There are several different types of organic fertilizers that you can use in your herb garden, flower garden, or fruit garden. Organic fertilizers are effective in providing vital micronutrients and minerals to your plants, thus improving growth. One of the best known organic fertilizers for its effectivity and affordability is organic fish emulsion fertilizer. You can purchase commercially prepared or ready-made organic fish emulsion fertilizer or you can make it by yourself. The fish emulsion fertilizer has been proven to be one of the most powerful organic fertilizers for any types of gardens.

Steps in Making Your Own Organic Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

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How to Make Your Own Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

As mentioned earlier, you can either by a commercially made organic fish emulsion fertilizer or you can make it yourself. Making your own organic fish emulsion fertilizer is not as complicated as many people think it is. Here are easy steps to follow for you to make an organic fish emulsion fertilizer:

  1.  Place fish scraps (bones, tail, or even the whole fish) into a blender and add warm water just enough. Once water and fish are inside the blender, turn the blender on until you have created an emulsion. Aside from whole fishes or fish scraps, you can use canned fishes, just as long as you are going to wash off its salt before making it into an emulsion.
  2. Find a 5 gallon bucket that can be sealed tightly.
  3. Pour the emulsion into the 5 gallon bucket.
  4. Once emulsion is poured into the 5 gallon bucket, add shredded newspapers, saw dust, brown dried leaves, and/or brown grass clippings into the 5 gallon bucket with the fish emulsion. These materials will help in aerating the decomposing fish and it will also help in absorbing nitrogen release to help in speeding up the decay process.
  5. Add at least 2 tablespoons of molasses into the container to help in odor control and it can also help in generating more aerobic bacteria, thus speeding up the decaying process.
  6. Add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt. The Epsom salt is responsible in adding magnesium and sulfur to the fish emulsion fertilizer.
  7. Seal the 5 gallon bucket tightly.
  8. Once a day up to 2 weeks, open the 5 gallon bucket and mix the fish emulsion. Mixing it thoroughly everyday will help in keeping the bacteria working all day and decrease the smell from the rotting fish.
  9.  It will take approximately 2 weeks before you can use your fish emulsion fertilizer. In 2 weeks, the fish emulsion fertilizer will turn into dark brown.

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