Grow Geranium To Have Amazing Garden Benefits

Design Your Herb Garden With Geranium

If you are interested in herb garden design, then grow geranium in your garden. For home gardening, it is one of the most effective and beneficial plants. The flowers of geranium can be obtained in the season of spring. It looks quite beautiful and enhances the appearance of a garden. Geranium is an aromatic herb which is grown for its oil. The flowers of this plant are quite colorful and thus, it gives a rich colored appearance to entire herb garden design.  The shatter proof foliage of this plant withstands rain, wind or other weather conditions.

The Way Of Planting Geranium

To grow geranium, the best time is spring. So, set this plant at a time when there is no fear of frost. This plant cannot develop in cold temperature. In case, you start planting in winters, it may affect the growth of geranium and as its result, it will grow very little and the foliage color will be red. For the best growth, you should plant geranium in May. The best place to grow geranium is where it receive full sunlight exposure. For flowers development and production, it is highly mandatory. The site for this plant should have good water drainage.

Soil Required To Grow Geranium

Grow Geranium - Herb Garedn Design

Planting Geraniums In Your Herb Garden

Soiling is highly essential to grow geranium. However it can grow in all types of soil, but it should be perfectly aerated or porous. If the soil is not that good, then you can use organic mixture in the soil that will improve the quality of the soil. For the constant growth of this plant, you should give organics time to time. While preparing the soil bed for growing geranium, you can use sphagnum coarse peat moss, rotted manure and compost in organic mixture. While setting up the plant in soil, you should not set it much deeper in pot.

What Problems Can Be Occurred To Grow Geranium

With geranium, there are least problems of pests. If you won’t remove the fading flowers from the plant, it may cause issue in winter season. To reduce botrytis, you should use accurate spacing. It has a problem of bacterial blight. In case, you won’t provide sprays to the plants, it will result into the complete removal of the plant. So, it requires deep care and timely support. With proper care, you can get full advantage of geranium in your herb garden design.

Geranium Are Available In Varied Types

It is true that geranium has a range of variety. Often it is produced by seeding. In the variety, you can find this plant in Bandit, Orbit, Pinto, Ringo, Elite, Lone Ranger or Multibloom families. The best geranium type grows in red color and it performs very well. This type of geranium includes tango, mars, kim etc. However, you can also find it in pink variety which includes Helena, Pink Expectations, Cherry Blossom, Katie, Pink Satisfaction etc. All these are some varieties of geranium and whatever color is your choice, you can get it in your herb garden design.

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