How to Grow Chamomile Herb

Grow Chamomile In Your Herb Garden

Chamomile herb has all qualities that are available in an aromatic herb. So, if you want aromatic herb benefits in your own herb garden design, then start with growing chamomile herb in your garden. It is a beautiful herb that looks so pretty in a garden. It consists of cute flowers like daisy that blossom in summer season with prickly green colored foliage.  The leaves and flowers of Chamomile herb can be used in recipes. Though, it tastes bitter but still several people like its taste and fragrance in food.

History Of Chamomile Herb

This aromatic herb is very useful and it has a rich history as well. Basically, it is originated from Europe and it grows the best in the soil of Britain. It has several usages, but the most common usage of chamomile herb is as herbal tea. People like the taste of this herb in tea and to fight with sleep disorders like insomnia, it works in surprising way. In addition to insomnia, chamomile herb is beneficial for several other health disorders like stomachache or toothache. It is also great herb to improve the immune system and is used to cure several kinds of infections and colds.

Chamomile Herb And Its Varieties

Grow Chamomile Herb - Herb Garden Design

Chamomile Herb

Chamomile herb can be found in two varieties in which one is German Chamomile and second is Roman Chamomile. The German chamomile is widely used herb and is common one. This plant grows around 1 m long and grows annually. The Roman chamomile variety of this herb has perennial properties. This variety grows for only 30 cm in length. Both varieties have different qualities and usages.  The way to grow this herb is very easy as it does not require much attention. Get following directions to grow chamomile herb in your herb garden design.

Chamomile Herb Can Easily Grow

This plant is very easy to grow and does not require much attention. It self seeds in easier way. It germinates exactly from the same place every year. One does not get any problem in growing this herb and there is no need to keep seed safely aside to re-sow it. It grows for 1 meter long. However the length depends on plant variety. For a container garden, this plant is a perfect choice. It can also be grown for window box garden. The flowers of this herb have delicate and sweet fragrance. So, keep the chamomile pot near your bed and it will make your mind refreshed.

Sunny Location Is Perfect For Chamomile Herb

The plant of chamomile herb requires a sunny location. In such location, it can perfectly grow. The soil for this plant should be well drained with sufficient quantity of organics. The best time to grow this plant is late spring. The seeds of chamomile are quite sensitive to sunlight. While sowing the seeds, you should cover the seeds with soil with water perfectly. In few weeks, the germination starts from the seeds. You should give proper spacing to seeds for its full growth.  Follow these ways to grow chamomile herb in your herb garden design.

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