DIY Worm Tea

Tea is the term sometimes used when referring to liquid plant food. There are numerous different types of liquid plant food or tea that can be beneficial to any gardeners, whether it is for their vegetable garden, fruit garden, herb garden, flower garden, etc. One loved and commonly used liquid plant food by gardeners is the worm tea. Just by hearing the name “worm tea”, it surely does not sound to be the most beautiful thing in the world. But even though its name sounds gross to many people, worm tea has loads of vitamins and minerals that plants will find it very beneficial for their proper and healthy growth.

Worm Tea

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DIY Worm Tea

If this is the first time you have heard the liquid plant food “worm tea”, then maybe perhaps you have already heard its other names, since worm tea has several different names. Some of the names referred to as worm tea include vermicompost tea, worm castings tea, or compost tea. No matter what name will be used, it will always refer to as the vermicompost or worm waste that is used as a plant food that is highly nutritious and beneficial for your garden.

How to Make Your Own Worm Tea

To make your own worm tea, you will first need to have a worm bin. If you already have a worm bin, then you can already start collecting vermicompost or worm waste to start making your worm tea. Here are some easy steps that will be needed for your worm tea.

  1. You need to have approximately 2 cups of worm waste to make a worm tea. Since worm wastes are so potent, having more than 2 cups of waste will not be necessary.
  2. Secure a muslin bag for you to place the worm waste. Once worm waste is already inside the muslin bag, tie a knot at the top of the muslin bag to make sure that the worm compost will not spill out.
  3. Fill a bucket of water then plunge the muslin bag with worm waste into the bucket filled with water vigorously. Continue plunging the muslin bag several times to make sure that all nutrients from the worm waste will get into the water.
  4. After plunging the muslin bag into the water, you can now transfer the water in the bucket that was used into a spraying bottle to spray to your plants or you can directly pour the water to the soil of your entire garden.

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