When To Plant Herbs

Each herb has its own season, time and rates of growth. The article gives you useful information on planting different herbs, indoor and outdoor.

When To Plant Herbs

It is fun to grow herbs in your own kitchen garden as they tend to grow very fast and ready to be adding flavor to your cuisine within a month or two.  Young herbs that you cut in springs or in early summer are rich in flavor and aroma. But fall and late summer is the time for herbs to produce flowers and buds, providing you with extra richness of taste having different flavors and spices. If you are planning to plant herbs in your garden from seeds you need to plant them earlier as they take time to get in to a seedling. An easy way to get the harvest faster is to plant seedlings instead of seeds.

Planting herbs Indoor

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Common Herbs That Can Be Grown In Similar Fashion

Each herb has its own season, time and rates of growth; however, common herbs like basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, chives can easily be grown at same time and procedure of watering and fertilization is almost similar. These herbs can easily be found at your local nursery.  Comfrey, fennel, coriander, lavender, mint, lemon balm, marjoram or bay leaf are some more types of herbs that can be grown in similar fashion.  You can plant all these herbs indoor or outdoors as per your comfort and availability of the sun, even you can plant them in same beds with other flowers, vegetables and herbs. However, a few exceptions are there, a few plants do not get along well with these regular herbs. For instance, cucumber won’t grow if you have planted it next to sage. But tomato and basil compliment each other not only in the pasta sauce but also during harvesting. Base of tomato gives both plants a healthy boost.

Best Time For Planting Herbs

Most herbs can be planted in June when frost danger is over. You can plant variety of herbs in your garden. Little hardier, woody-stemmed herbs like thyme, rosemary and lavender should go in the ground a few days before soft-stemmed herbs such as chives. A good suggestion for all those who are new to herb gardening: woody-stemmed herbs can be planted outdoors at the time of planting basic vegetables in your area, and soft stemmed can go with the time of tomato planting. Visit your local nursery to get more knowledge on planting guidelines and hardiness zones, specifically for your area.

Herbs That Can Be Planted From Seeds

Not all the herbs can be planted from seeds; some must be cut and divided instead. Herbs that can be planted from seeds are: basil, dill, parsley and oregano. In northern regions these herbs grow slower compared to Southern regions. Gardeners form northern region consider to sow them indoors in late February or Early March in order to get strong seedling to plant outdoors in may and June .

Know More…

The website is a good source to get detailed information on specific herb type, their planting, cutting and dividing time.  There are also some useful articles on making organic pesticides, designing an herb garden and so on. Let us know if you have some comments and suggestions for us to improve or you have some useful tips to share with rest of our audiences. We will publish your gardening tips in this website with your name.

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