Planting an Herb Basket

Planting an herb basket is the best way to add greenery to your place and it is very useful to get immediately the herbs for cooking.

Planting an Herb Basket

Planting herbs is the best way to get close to the nature and get the fresh herbs instantly. For those living in urban areas or are foodies are always keen to add varieties of herbs in their food. For that, planting herbs in your garden is the best option. They look amazing, taste wonderful and act as an escort to other plants. For those who do not have a garden or enough space to plant herbs should go for planting an herb basket. Whether you are looking to plant herb in some pot or hanging baskets, there are a few steps you must know.

Key Points:

  • Planting herbs in baskets is great for small spaces and adds fresh flavor.
  • Proper drainage, quality soil, and gentle transplanting help herbs thrive.
  • Hanging baskets need lining and careful filling to support plants.
  • Choosing productive herbs like thyme, oregano, and tarragon is advised.

Planting Herbs In The Basket

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The first step starts with choosing a container or a basket. It must have drainage holes, enough for the plants. Before planting herbs ensure clean the pot or container properly.

  • In the next step, now put gravel or stones in the bottom to make sure that the holes of the drainage don’t get congested with soil.
  • Afterwards, remove the herb plant from the basket or the container, by turning it completely upside down. Ensure that the roots won’t get hurt by any means
  •  Make a proper hole in the compost middle and now put the herb plant into the hole. Put some compost around the seedling, till the time you see that it is standing erect proper.
  • Now thoroughly water the plant.

Growing Plants In The Hanging Basket

Hanging basket looks amazing and enhances the beauty of your garden, especially the herb garden design or the area where you hang. Though, the procedure of growing herbs is quite similar, but there are a few things one should consider. For that you have to follow a few steps

  • Line up the hanging basket with a plastic bag that contains some drainage holes
  • Now place sphagnum moss in it
  • Fill the half basket with the compost and put the herbs in it. Avoid putting much plant.
  • After this full the rest pot with the compost and water it properly. Allow the water to get drained prior to hanging the pot or basket.

Take Ideas From Your Neighborhood

Certainly, planting and growing herbs will make your garden appear striking. You can grow different herbs such as Thyme, Rosemary, French Tarragon, Oregano and much more. This can develop your gardening habits and you can get instantly the herb for cooking your food item. However, you have to make sure that the plants are getting proper sunshine and water so that they will grow properly to their normal size. For a proper designing pot or basket for your herb plantation you can take ideas from neighborhood or can check the internet for different and unique Herb Garden Designs for making your garden look wonderful.


What type of container works best for planting herb baskets?
Containers with drainage holes work best. Plastic, ceramic, wood, or metal baskets can be used. Match size to mature herb.

Should gravel or stones be added to the bottom of an herb basket?
Yes, add gravel to protect drainage holes from getting clogged and improve drainage.

How much space should be left between herbs planted in a basket?
Leave 4-6 inches between herbs. Pick smaller varieties and avoid overcrowding the basket.

How often should herb baskets be watered?
Check soil daily, water when top 1-2 inches become dry. Baskets dry out faster than in-ground plants.

Should hanging herb baskets be lined before planting?
Yes, line with sphagnum moss or coco liner before adding soil to help retain moisture.

What are some good compact herb varieties for baskets?
Chives, thyme, oregano, tarragon, and dwarf sage work well. Mint and parsley can also thrive.

Where should herb baskets be positioned?
Place in full sun, at least 6 hours per day. Morning sun is best. Bring baskets indoors in extreme heat.

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