Tobacco as an Organic Pesticide for Your Herb Garden

by Joseph Miller

Tobacco as an Organic Pesticide for Your Herb Garden

Pest and insect infestations have been a problem by many gardeners for a very long time now. For those gardeners who use harmful chemicals as pest control for their herb garden, in fact, there are still a lot of options that can be an effective pest control, specifically organic pesticides for your herb garden. As a matter of fact, you can easily find plants or even herbs that can be used and made into an organic pesticide. Using organic pesticides will not just save your garden from unwanted pests and insect infestations, it can also prevent harmful effects that can be caused by harmful chemical to your plants or even to the health of your entire family.

Tobacco as Pesticide

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Tobacco as an Organic Pesticide for Your Herb Garden

It is a very common fact that tobacco contains nicotine, a substance that is very bad for the body and insects as well. Tobacco leaves can be used as an effective pesticide, which can help in fighting off herbivorous insects and pests. If you do not have any tobacco plants or you can’t get hold of fresh tobacco leaves, then it is not a problem. You can make use of pipe tobacco, cigarette butts, rolled tobacco, or even chewing tobacco as the basis for your tobacco pesticide.

How to Make a Tobacco Pesticide?

  1. Soak dried tobacco leaves in a gallon of water for at least 30 minutes. Always remember that the longer tobacco leaves are submerged or soaked in water can make stronger strength pesticide. If you want your tobacco pesticide to be stronger, you can leave the dried tobacco leaves soaked in water for up to 24 hours.
  2. If you want to improve the spreadability of your tobacco pesticide and somehow increase the toxicity of your pesticide, you can add a small amount of dishwashing liquid soap and mix properly.
  3. Once mixed properly, transfer and strain the solution to a plastic storage container and tighten the lid properly. Make sure that all the tobacco pieces are strained properly.
  4. Store the solution in a place somewhere cool for at least a couple of weeks.
  5. After a couple of weeks, transfer the tobacco solution into a plant mister and you can now use it as a tobacco pesticide.
  6. Unlike other organic pesticides, such as neem oil organic pesticide, sabadilla lily organic pesticide, etc. that will work best when sprayed all over the plant, tobacco pesticide is different. Just spraying the pesticide directly to the affected area or areas where harmful pests are located is advisable. Tobacco pesticides, especially when made stronger can also harm beneficial insects.


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