Phosphorous Fertilizer Sources

One way to provide plants with enough phosphorous is through the application of phosphorous fertilizers.

Phosphorous Fertilizer Sources

The mineral phosphorous plays a very big part in all kinds of plant’s growth, development, photosynthesis, and in the formation of sugars, starches, and oils. For plants that were not able to receive enough phosphorous, there will be abnormalities in plants growth and development, since phosphorous can also help in aiding root growth. One way to provide plants with enough phosphorous is through the application of phosphorous fertilizers. It will be very important to know or determine how much fertilizer your plants will need, since not all plants have the same amounts of phosphorous requirement.

Sources of Phosphorous Fertilizer

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Phosphorous Fertilizer Sources

There are various ways on how to make sure that all your plants in your garden can receive the right amount of phosphorous. There are several different sources for phosphorous fertilizer, including but not limited to:

  • Rock Phosphate – To make sure that all your plants in the garden can receive enough phosphorous, rock phosphate is commonly used and added directly to the soil. Rock phosphate can be found in the earth and is a calcium ore. It is usually mined, ground, and then treated with sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, or nitric acid to make a phosphorous fertilizer out from the rock phosphate.
  • Animal Manure – It is quite common that manure is used as a fertilizer. What many people do not know is that manure used as an organic fertilizer can be beneficial when it comes to phosphorous. Animal manure is very rich in phosphorous. Wastes of cattle and horses are commonly used in making an organic fertilizer. And if you do not have direct access to cattle and/or horse manure, you can just purchase a ready-made animal manure organic fertilizer in most garden centers or even in hardware stores in town.
  • Bone Meal – this type of fertilizer is not as common as animal manure used as an organic fertilizer. Bone meal is also a type of natural fertilizer or organic fertilizer that is rich in phosphorous. To make a bone meal organic fertilizer, bones from various animals are steamed and then after which, ground. Bone meal organic fertilizer can be made at home if you just know how and if you have all the ingredients and materials needed, but if you do not, you can always go to the nearest garden centers or hardware stores and directly purchase ready-made packages of bone meal organic fertilizer.


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