Liquid Plant Food Concentrate

Liquid plant food, which is sometimes also referred to as tea is very beneficial in keeping whatever type of garden you are growing at home to be healthy and beautiful all year long. Liquid plant foods can easily be purchased at your nearest gardening supplies store, nursery, or even at department stores. One good thing about liquid plant food is that you do not have to buy one that is readymade. You can actually make one at home and make the composition of ingredients balance to suit the needs of all different types of plants in your garden.

Watering Can for Concentrated Liquid Plant Food

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Liquid Plant Food Concentrate

For plants that are placed in containers or pots, applying concentrated liquid plant food should be done through a watering can. Always remember that concentrated liquid plant food should not be applied directly to the soil or to your garden, concentrated liquid plant food should first be diluted with water. To know the right amount of water that needs to be diluted to your concentrated liquid plant food, read carefully the instruction that came along with your purchased concentrated. If you are the one who made your liquid plant food, you can do some research about the type of liquid plant food you are making and end up knowing how to dilute your concentrated liquid plant food.

Hose Attachment for Concentrated Liquid Plant Food

For larger outdoor gardens that need to be fed with the exact amount of liquid plant food in a specific time span, using a hose attachment that can dilute the concentrated liquid plant food with water from the hose can be useful. This specific hose attachment I am referring to can be purchased at any gardening supplies store or even hardware stores. Before using the hose attachment, carefully read the instructions to prevent giving too much liquid plant food or too little to your garden.

Dangers of Concentrated Liquid Plant Food Misuse

Keep in mind that concentrated liquid plant food contains high amounts of nutrients and minerals in a very small amount. Giving it directly to plants will not do any good, as a matter of fact, it can damage your plants. If you are giving too much or too little liquid plant food to your plants, it can possibly affect your plant’s growth and development and it can even cause your plants not to bear vegetables, fruits, or flowers.

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