How To Use Garlic As A Natural Pesticide

Using garlic as natural pesticides are quite safe and you can easily make it in your home without any difficulties or spending a huge amount.

How To Use Garlic As A Natural Pesticide

It is important to look for the best natural pesticides for garden to enhance the growth of the herbs and make them healthier. Garlic is an essential add-on in the meal that increases the taste of the food. Surprisingly, it can also serve as a natural and helpful insecticide especially against slugs, aphids, grasshoppers and mites. The process of preparing it is quite simple and easy as garlic make amazingly non-toxic and economical pesticide for the garden. For controlling pest, the natural pesticide and fungicidal properties of garlic are outstanding and it works excellent on vegetables, fruits and herb plantation.

How To Use Garlic As Natural Pesticides For Garden?

natural pesticides for garden For garlic as pesticides in the garden, you have to follow simple and easy tips. However, you must ensure to carry out these steps in an appropriate manner to get the best results out of it. Let us take a look at a few of the steps

  • Step One- Crush around three to four garlic cloves into fine dust with the help of pestle or a mortar.
  • Step Two- Now put them in half a liter of water and boils for around 15-20 minutes and let it be cool completely.
  • Step Three- Filter it into a glass container of water. Afterwards, add 10 grams of potash-based soap, helping the mixture to stick and prevent harming the plants or so.
  • Step Four- Now dilute it in 5 liter of water or you can also use one portion of the garlic mixture for ten water parts.
  • Step Five- After completing this, now add the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on the plants for at least two or three times per week. However, some people think that the natural pesticides for garden are best to be used as a preventative assessment, so for the outright infestation, you have to way out to something more robust.

Organic Pesticide

Garlic is an excellent organic pesticide, especially when you are growing herbs in your garden, it is quite beneficial. This is safe for plants, but natural pesticides for garden hazardous for pests and other earthy worms, which are harmful for the growth of herbs. Besides, there are also some precautions that you must keep in your mind. For maximum efficiency in pest control, don’t use any chemical substance fertilizers. Fertilizers diminish the capacity of the critical ingredients in garlic for you to fight insects.

Use Of Garlic As A Pesticide For Your Herb Garden

Aphids, ants, termites, white flies, beetles, borers, caterpillars, slugs as well as army earthworms are a number of the pests that could be suitably governed using garlic herb. It is vital to use organic pesticides for gardening by employing natural products and repellents, and avoiding any situation that contains compounds or unnatural ingredients. Moreover, using garlic as natural pesticide is also beneficial for herb gardening for beginners.

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