Creative Plant Markers To Be Used In Your Garden

Let’s Make A Creative Herb Garden Design With Plant Markers

To have constant supply of various fresh herbs, a herb garden design is a practical way. This way can be used either commercially or personally as a hobby. A big range of herbs is available to choose from wherein marjoram, rosemary, parsley, oregano, mint etc are few of them. Thus, you may desire to develop herbs’ assortment which creates difficulty to identify the names of all herbs. Therefore, to identify every single herb properly, one should use plant markers which are popular way of today.

Big Range Of Plant Markers Available In Market For Garden Design

Herb Garden Design - Plant Markers

Stone Plant Markers

If you like to buy these plant markers to use in your herb garden design, then you have options to buy it from various stores, super market easily. It comes in varied materials and prices. In such range of markers, stainless steel made markers look simply amazing and people mostly buy them to use in their garden. These markers are durable and can stay long without getting affected by environmental conditions. In addition to it, plastic made markers, markers made of galvanized copper; zinc markers are also famous these days.

Making Plant Markers With Waste Material

Yes, if you want to create plant markers by your own hands, I must call it a great decision as it will save your money and will enhance your creativity or artistic skills as well. Generally, in home, there is so much wastes available that we don’t use. Using these trashed goods and items purposefully for some creative work is such a great job. As we know that plant markers are very useful and if you buy it from market, you will learn how expensive these are. But making it with waste material is such a cost effective and innovative way.

Use Stirrer Paint For Making Plant Markers

Get some penmanship and permanent marker, useless stirrer paint becomes useful plant markers. You can take stirrers which you have earlier used in any previous project or if you don’t have stirrers with you, then you can get them from market on discounted price. Get a pencil to write down the name of the plants and trace that name with marker. For its protection from moisture, you should end up stirrer paint with wood sealant coating. This way, you can make a durable plant marker to use in your herb garden design.

Plant Markers Made Of Stones

These plant labels made of stones give truly a natural look to entire garden and look so sweet. It can be used on vegetable plants or flowerbeds to distinguish plants. For making it, you should collect smooth and flat stones scattered around garden or your home and then get paint pens which should be waterproof to write down the names of plants. On these stones, you can also write some illustrations about the plant that look really cute. While placing these markers in your herb garden design, you should twist it in the soil for safety purpose.

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