Design A Creative & Attractive Herb Garden With Silver Leaved Herbs Design A Creative & Attractive Herb Garden With Silver Leaved Herbs

Design A Creative & Attractive Herb Garden With Silver Leaved Herbs

Create distinctive herb garden design with different design and fragrances. The choice of plants and various herbs require a depth knowledge and preci

Design A Creative & Attractive Herb Garden With Silver Leaved Herbs

 For your herb garden design, if you use herbs with silver foliage, it will surely prove a step to give your garden an appealing appearance. It seriously looks stunning and enhances the entire appearance of a garden, but if you use it along with some beautiful flowers, then you will actually get heavenly beauty in your garden. In the range of such plants with silver foliage, dusty miller and salvia red flowers are quite popular among masses and we can include it as the most famous example of such decorative plants. To make a moonlight garden, using silver foliage with white flowers is such an amazing combination.

Key Points: 

  • Silver-leafed herbs like artemisias and sages add unique beauty to gardens.
  • Mass plantings create an eye-catching “moonlight garden” look.
  • They need full sun exposure to showcase their luminous foliage.
  • Silvery thyme, sage and lamb’s ear are great choices.
  • Mini container gardens allow growing silver herbs indoors

Use Mass Planting With Silver Leaved Herb Garden Design

Attractive Her Garden with Silver leaved Herbs
The job of creating a moon her garden design is such an ambitious and challenging job. This garden ranges varied sizes from small to large ones. We can say that you can choose sizes as per your convenience or place you have. Using mass planting in which you can use fragranced and attractive silver and gray colored herbs, will give your garden highly spectacular look. This herb garden design looks more graceful than arranging individual plants like flower beds.  To establish such charisma in your garden, you should grow silver leaved plants in dry and hot areas of your garden.

Choose An Ideal Place To Flourish This herb Garden design

Designing an indoor garden with silver leaved herbs requires intense care and knowledge. Choosing a right place is must for having the benefits of indoor garden with all attributes that you read here. An ideal location for this garden should be sunny and a perfectly drained. If you choose a shady place for growing silver leaved plants, then it is such a bad idea. You should place plants at a location where they can get sunlight as well as moonlight which is the main element of this herb garden design.

Use Pots & Planters If You Want To Design Mini Silver Leaved Garden

 In case, you are not able to design a big sized garden due to lack of space and are interested in a small sized indoor garden, then mini silver leaved garden can offer you a chance to decorate your home as well as getting healthy nutritious herbs. To create a mini garden, you should use planters or pots that are available in different attractive designs and styles. Do check that those pots must have drainage arrangement or you can make it by gritty mix for planting because it is necessary for plants.

Options For Silver Leaved Light Reflecting Herbs For Your herb Garden Design

 To give your garden a complete moon garden look, you should make your herbs’ choice carefully. A wrong choice of any plant can ruin your garden’s overall appearance. In these plants, we recommend you to use Artemisia species of plants wherein silver king, sweet Annie, silver mound and wormwood are main plants. These plants alone can make your garden a full moon garden design. In addition to it, you can use silver thyme that has amazing fragrance, woolly lamb ear – a flurry leaved plant, sage – a plant with pebbly foliage and amazing texture and Mullein as well in your herb garden design.


Incorporating silver-leafed herbs into your garden design adds striking visual appeal. Their ghostly foliage and textures beautifully contrast with flowers and verdant plants. Mass plantings of artemisias, sages and thymes create showstopping moonlight gardens. Site them where sunlight can accentuate their metallic sheen. For small spaces, mini gardens of silver herbs in containers bring luminous radiance indoors. With the right selections and placements, silvery herbs infuse gardens with a haunting, magical ambiance.

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