A Herb Garden Design With Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Tuscan blue rosemary is a versatile plant that can enhance your herb garden design and also can improve your food quality. So, bring it in your garden

A Herb Garden Design With Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Design Your Garden With Tuscan Blue Rosemary

A herb garden design by using Tuscan blue rosemary is such a wonderful idea indeed. This plant grows very fast and it is an upright type of rosemary. It has several usages; however it is mainly known for its culinary usage. So, if you are planning for growing Tuscan blue rosemary, then do consider in which shape you want to develop this plant. Most of the gardeners grow this plant in the form of tree or shrub which is two common shapes. This plant can be pruned anytime but excepting flowering stage. There are several things about Tuscan blue rosemary which you should learn before growing it in your herb garden design.

Ways To Prune Tuscan Blue In Different Shapes

To prune this plant in shrub round shape, you need to trim the plant by ¼ or 1/3. This trimming can be performed anytime you want. But, while trimming, you should remember that do not trim main plant stems in any case. Only cut from top part. After pruning, this plant becomes very thick. For tree shape, you need to remove the branches from lower side of the plant. The best way to do this job is to prune the branches off immediately when it grows. To give it an attractive shape, you can trim from the top as well. The pruning of damaged or rough parts of Tuscan blue rosemary is necessary for sure.

Give Care To Rosemary

Herb Garden Design With Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Tuscan Blue Rosemary

If you want to have full benefits of a healthy and rich Tuscan herb garden design with Tuscan blue, you have to give proper care to this plant. For this purpose, you should provide required watering to the plant. Follow a definite schedule for your plant’s care. In the first season, this plant requires special care and if you get succeed in first phase, then you can grow a rich root system. Feed rosemary with fertilizer until new growth starts. The ideal time for pruning this plant is spring.

Usages Of Rosemary

This plant has a valuable history and you should know the history of Tuscan blue rosemary to learn the advantages that you can get from it. It is an aromatic plant. The leaves of this plant are rich with fragrant oil. It is a plant having pine scent that smells very strong and also it develops flavorful foliage which can be used in different food recipes. To strengthen the flavor of Tuscan blue rosemary, sun light shares a big role. So, it is necessary to grow this plant where it can have sufficient sunlight.

Considering Points About Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Although, it is a fast growing plant, yet you have to be very careful about different things about this plant. In such points, pruning which is highly recommended for this plant should be done in right time. After flowering, you can start pruning. In our kitchen, rosemary has a special place and to have ultimate taste of rosemary in your food, it is necessary to give special attention to it as well. However, it is a plant suitable for ground as well as container planting, needs sufficient sun exposure, organic, compatible for different growing zones etc are some qualities of Tuscan blue rosemary.

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