Grow Oregano In Your Herb Garden

Having aromatic herbs in your garden design gives exceptional benefits. But this dream can be achieved only if you follow required tips and instructio

Grow Oregano In Your Herb Garden – Having All Aromatic Herb Qualities

The trend of aromatic herb is getting popularity among masses and if you also interested in setting up a herb garden design using aromatic herb, then grow Oregano as it is a versatile aromatic herb. Including Oregano in your aromatic herb list will definitely give you exceptional benefits. It is a great herb with rich historical value. Going through the history, qualities and usages of Oregano, you will certainly feel an urge to grow Oregano in your garden. Get helpful tips to grow Oregano and enjoy it all round a year.

Key Points:

  • Oregano is a popular aromatic herb with a long history of medicinal and culinary uses.
  • Its name means “joy of the mountain”, referring to its Mediterranean mountain origins.
  • Oregano thrives in sunny spots and chalky, well-drained soil.
  • Seeds or starter plants can be used to grow oregano.
  • With proper care, oregano will provide aromatic leaves for sauces, roasts and more.

History Of Oregano

Since ages, Oregano is considered as the mountain job by Greeks. The name of this herb also reflects if meaning as Oros stands for mountain and Ganos means Joy. Therefore, having oregano at your home will give you the joy that one can get over mountains. It has great medicinal properties and people use it to cure several diseases like skin wounds, trauma, seizures, stings, bites, lung conditions and headaches. In addition to these diseases, Oregano acts greatly to treat up heart issues. This herb is also amazing for extensive usages as in many countries people use it as aromatic spice to cook delicious food recipes like soups, pizza, lamb stews and marinara sauces.

Follow Easy Guidelines To Grow Oregano

To fill your herb garden design with aromatic herb properties, the idea for growing oregano is perfect. There are some guidelines which must be followed to grow it properly in your garden. There are some instructions to follow before planting Oregano which are as below:

  •  A suitable location is requisite to find out because it is a perennial plant which grows quality leaves for years. To get full use of this plant for long time, you should place it at a right place.
  •  Provide Oregano a sunny location because of the Mediterranean origin.

Soil Preparation Is Essential

To start growing Oregano in your herb garden design, it is essential to prepare the soil in a right way. For this herb, you should use chalky light and well drained soil. It does not require much preparation because it is a plant that easily grows in simple average kind of soil as well. To plant this herb you should have following things with you.

  • Seeds of Oregano
  • Fertilizer (To use for plants that are grown in containers)
  • Mulch
  • Row Marker
  • Spade for garden

Advice For The Betterment Of Oregano

For the growth of oregano, it is required to use spray or pesticides because of the pest issues. Give this plant organic treatment and before using any pesticides, do review the label first. This plant become woody after few years, so at that time, you should replace it. So, using these helpful tips will benefit you and your herb garden design for sure.


With its rich history and versatility, oregano is an aromatic herb that can enhance any herb garden. Its Mediterranean origins mean it thrives in sunny spots with well-drained soil. Follow proper planting guidelines for seeds or starters, and provide organic care. Use compost or mulch to nourish the plants. After a few years, oregano may become woody and need replacing. But with the right growing conditions, oregano will provide an abundant, aromatic harvest to flavor soups, sauces, roasts and more for years to come. Let this mountainous joy infuse your herb garden with fragrance and flavor.

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