Tuscan Herb Garden Design

Develop Your Own Tuscan Herb Garden Design In Your Home

Tuscan herb garden design is a unique style of garden that represents ultimate design and style of gardening. There are some special aspects that make this garden a different design in comparison to other garden designs. The look of a Tuscan garden shows the picture of the past and it gives an appeal of gardens famous for centuries. So, you should invest ample of time on planning, designing and development of a Tuscan herb garden design and at such time, you should consider all elements related to your gardening like trees, plants, herbs, structures and so on.

How To Start With A Tuscan Herb Garden Design?

To start your Tuscan herb garden design, first of all you should measure the entire size of the space of your garden where you want to establish this design. If you think of using your entire garden, then it would require intense labor and will cost you very expensive. So, it would be better to start with a Mediterranean simple outdoor area design. After completing the measurement process, you can go further to chart your garden outline over a graph paper by using each square of your yard, representing 6 inches or 1 feet of the space.

Ideas To Make Your Yard Fences Attractive

In a Tuscan herb garden design, no single part is untreated. To make your garden appealing,

Tuscan Herb Garden Design

Make Your Fences Attractive

you should use every part of your garden including fences, walls, arbors, trellises etc. The trellis which is not used anywhere, can be used to grow wisteria or grapes. To make fences attractive, you can grow climbing rose. For a distinctive appearance of these fences, you may change the color of the surface. Use paint color that should suit your garden appearance and texture.

Use Hard Landscaping Objects Initially

In a Tuscan herb garden design, you should consider each and every aspect that you see in traditional gardens. So, you should firstly plan all hard landscaping objects like trees, walkways and fountains. A Tuscan garden mainly is famous for its flagstone pathways that form mostly symmetrical style and patterns that are designed by hedges. Having a fountain in the middle of your garden walkway will look attractive and increase the beauty of your garden.

Tuscan Herb Garden Design – Type Of Trees To Plant

The trees that you should use in your garden depend upon the size of your garden space. You can use large sized trees if you have a big garden and for a small sized garden, you should choose small trees. To make your garden prosperous and green a whole year, you should use evergreen plants that do not fade out with time. The positioning of the trees matter a lot because a right and planned positioning will give your garden a spacious and managed look. So, all these guidelines will surely prove helpful while developing a Tuscan herb garden design.

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