Vertical Herb Garden using a Wooden Pallet

by Joseph Miller
Vertical Herb Garden

Vertical Herb Garden using a Wooden Pallet

Vertical herb garden design is one simple herb garden design that can be done possibly anywhere in your house and it can’t even occupy a very large planting space. People with very limited free space at home and wish to plant their own herbs are using a vertical herb garden design. Vertical herb garden designs will not just give unlimited fresh and clean herbs all year round, it can also cover up unsightly walls and make it look fresh and appealing to the eyes of visitors and other people.

Key Points:

  • Vertical herb gardens allow growing fresh herbs in compact areas.
  • Wooden shipping pallets can be repurposed into vertical gardens.
  • Smooth and staple landscape fabric to the pallet before filling with soil.
  • Choose hardy herbs that will thrive in vertical orientation.
  • With ample sunlight and water, a pallet herb wall yields abundant harvests.

Wooden Pallet

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Vertical herb garden can be made from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, rain gutters, shoe organizers, lattice fence, and even delivery wooden pallets. The very first thing you have to do when making a vertical herb garden using a wooden pallet is to find yourself a wooden shipping pallet first. Usually, wooden pallets can be found in supermarkets stacked up. Wooden pallets are usually stacked up since supermarket owners or runners are waiting for it to be taken by recycling companies. You can try to approach the supermarket management if you can take one or two wooden pallets from the stack. Look for a wooden pallet that is in a very good condition and make sure that you will take extreme caution when looking for a good wooden pallet. Always remember to never put yourself at risk.

How to Prepare the Wooden Pallet for Planting?

To make sure that your wooden pallet is in a good condition for your vertical herb garden, you have to meticulously examine every inch of the wooden pallet. You have to determine whether your wooden pallet has any loose ends or any broken parts. If there are any slight damages, you have to fix it so that it will not get easily destroyed once you already transformed it into a vertical herb garden. You can also use sandpaper in smoothing out any rough surfaces and edges of your wooden pallet to prevent any cuts or injuries with the rough surfaces.

5 Materials needed for a Vertical Herb Garden using a Wooden Pallet

You do not need anything hard to find when making a vertical herb garden using a wooden pallet. The materials you are going to need are probably found in your garage. Here are the materials needed in making a vertical herb garden using a wooden pallet:

  1. Potting Mix – at least 2 large bags
  2. Staple gun with staples
  3. Sand paper
  4. Small roll of landscape fabric
  5. Herbs of your choice


Transforming a wooden shipping pallet into a vertical herb garden is a creative way to grow herbs in a small space. With a found pallet, staple gun, landscape fabric, potting mix and herb plants, you can fashion an organized display on a wall or fence. Check the pallet for splinters, smooth any rough edges, and affix the fabric to contain the soil. Fill with potting mix and densely plant your favored culinary or ornamental herbs. With proper sunlight and watering, your vertical pallet herb garden will provide a bounty of fresh flavors and greenery. The artistic, eco-friendly design recaptures urban space and adds natural beauty to patios, balconies, or tight indoor areas.

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