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Everything About Vertical Herb Garden Design

Hiding eyesores while conserving space can be accomplished through making a vertical herb garden design. It is just like hitting a bird with one stone. Making your own vertical herb garden design does not have to be complicated and costly.  Even if you do not have any knowledge or you have not tried making your own vertical herb garden design, you can still make a successful herb garden design that herbs can easily thrive.

Significance of a Vertical Herb Garden Design

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Vertical Herb Garden Design: Stack Pots

A vertical herb garden can be placed on an empty ugly wall or it can also be a freestanding vertical square footage, which its primary purpose is for decoration. Making a vertical herb garden can give people opportunities to have their own herb garden even if they do not have any growing space for an herb garden. Vertical herb gardens can be made as creative as possible, while catering to several different herbs. Vertical herb gardens will not just provide herbs all throughout the year, but it can also bring about environmental benefits, such as improving air quality.

Benefits of a Vertical Herb Garden Design

There are several benefits of a vertical herb garden that usual herb gardens on the ground can’t offer. Vertical herb gardens are easier to maintain, have lesser insects or pests infestation, and it is free from weeds. Each row of the vertical herb garden design can receive the same care and sunlight exposure, which are very important factors when growing herbs.

Types of Vertical Herb Garden Design

People can use their own creativity when planning on how to make their own vertical herb gardens. There are a lot of people who use stackable pots by stacking them vertically or arrange them on vertical pot stands. There are also some people who use recycled materials such as shoe organizersrain gutters, and plastic bottles when making a vertical herb garden.

Vertical Herb Garden Kits

If you do not want to make your own vertical herb garden design from scratch, you can purchase ready-made vertical herb garden kits from gardening supplies and even hardware shops. Some advantages of making use of commercially prepared vertical herb garden kits is that it will not be very time consuming when installing it to the wall since it comes with a step by step instruction manual and you will have all materials you will need when starting your own vertical herb garden.

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