Preparing Soil for Herb Garden Planting

Want To Have Your Own Herb Garden, Learn The Way Of Soil Preparation First

It is a fact that a good garden depends upon the soil type and soil preparation. To enjoy all types of herbs and vegetables in your garden area, you have to follow right way of soil preparation from the start. When you are on gardening, you should remember that soil is the key of healthy, rich and easy gardening. With your soil preparation, your gardening will go long way for sure.

Know Your Soil From The Core

In soil, half part is solid and half is porous that gives room for air, roots and water of the plants. Solids include organic matter and inorganic matter. The inorganic part can be divided into three main categories based upon particles’ size that it contains. In clay soil, there are small sized particles, in silt soil, particles are medium size and in sandy soil, there are coarsest particles. To determine the soil texture, one should use silt, sand and clay available in the soil. In all soil types, loam is highly effective soil that contains 40% silt, 40% sand and 20% clay.

Soil Improvement Is Essential For The Betterment Of A Garden

To improve soil, people use several methods. Many of them add vegetables in the garden soil. For harvesting better and bigger crops for vegetables and herbs, improvement of soil structure and texture is highly recommended. For this improvement for soil, one should add organic matter which is a common practice of modern growers. Basically, organic matter is considered to the material which is decaying or dead now, but once definitely was living. These materials include bark chips, grass clippings, sawdust, straw, ground corncobs, cover crops, hay and so on. Moreover, you can use compost pile that supplies quality organic matter to soil.

Soil Preparation Should Be Done In Spring

The spring season is a great time for planting. Make the soil preparation in this season to enjoy number of herbs in your garden area. Incorporate the soil in organic matter. For this purpose, you can take help of tilling which is done by spade. If there is low amount of nitrogen in the soil, then add nitrogen fertilizer to balance this loss. Apart of it, pH level should also be adjusted in the soil. For this purpose, you can add lime in the soil. For the best results, we recommend you to use ground dolomitic limestone in the soil. You can use it anytime in a year because it does not harm the plants.

Use Peat Moss Or Compost For Soil Enrichment

Soil preparation is a process that helps making soil rich and fertile. So, to fulfill this requirement, one should use several ideas in which using peat moss or compost is one of them. When pH gets fallen in the soil, it would be good idea to use peat moss or compost in appropriate range. For this purpose, firstly dig the ground to 12-8 inches with a shovel and continue shoveling and turn the dirt. To lighten the soil texture, you can break up large clumps with shovel. Remove all weeds spread up in the soil and thus, your soil preparation will be done in a good way.

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