How To Make An Herb Garden Design Using Recycled Materials

The herb garden designs should be creative as well as convenient. The most creative and functional way to create a herb garden using a recycled materi

How To Make An Herb Garden Design Using Recycled Materials

Herb Garden Design

An herb garden design should be such that the herbs are handy and within reach. You can choose from various options for arrangement and design while planting your herb garden. You may design an herb garden from containers (container herb garden design), or plant herbs in neat rows, or maybe an intricate knot garden suit your taste. You may also opt for a mixed garden where you may grow your favorite herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Whatever you choice of an herb garden design, always allow some sun to reach your fragrant beauties so that they can give you their fullest.

Use Recycled Materials For Herb Garden Design

Herb Garden Design With Recyled Containers

A Creative Herb Garden Designs

The herb garden designs should be creative as well as convenient. A most creative way to develop your herb garden is by using old recycled material available in your household. The options are varied and many. You may use old containers, old work boots, soda cans, soup cans, empty bottles, tin cans, milk containers, old baskets, burlap sacks and so many things more. You may paint your recycled containers with beautiful shades. Just a little imagination can convert garbage into a garden. You have unlimited choice. It all depends upon your creative streak, how you chose material for your herb garden design.

Some Creative Herb Garden Designs

You may mount several large tin cans to a wall and plant each can with a different variety of herb. Another idea is to plant your favorite herbs in old baskets or sacks and hanging them in a sunny location. Old milk jugs may be used to design an herb garden. Old, dry and rotted work boots may be filled with potting soil and planted with herbs. These boots can then be lined up near a sunny patch. A discarded dresser, with drawers staggered in such a way that bottom drawer opens all the way, is another beautiful way to design an herb garden. A surplus laundry basket filled with potting soil is also a good option. It is already with the drainage holes ready.

Herb Garden Design: A Few Important Steps

The recycled material used for growing herbs must be first washed and sanitized. It gets rids of all the residual stuff that may still be present in empty cans and containers. Ensure to drill small holes in the bottom of containers that are non-porous. You can easily punch holes in the plastic ones. This allows for drainage of excess water and saves the delicate herbs from root decay. Adding gravel to bottom also helps drainage. If you are using baskets or sacks that are too deep, you may fill them partly fill them with straw and top with potting soil. Look around your house and get a superb herb garden design from recycled stuff.

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