How to Use a Pruning Saw

pruning saw is a gardening tool used basically for pruning purposes. There are many types of saws available in the market today and selecting the best saw to use is never a hard thing because of many options. These different types of pruning saws vary also on the purposes they are used. There are those used in pruning thick branches and some saws are used to prune high branches.

Proper use of this gardening tool is necessary because it has blades, which may result to cuts, and many other unwanted injuries. In this article, I will give you tips on you can manipulate a pruning saw in order in a safe way.

How to Use a Pruning Saw

Pruning Saw

1) You should familiarize the parts of this gardening tool first before you use it. You can ask an expert of using such tool to get your oriented on what parts of this tool should you hold and the blades that you should avoid to touch. Sometimes being first timers in using gardening tools would result to cuts in our hands because of having no knowledge on the proper use of such things.

2) Proper positioning matters in using a pruning saw. Aside from the pruning design that you want to achieve if you have one, you should also consider that you intend to prune high branches and if you will be successful in pruning a big branch, it might fall on your head if you will not be positioned in the right place. Right placement of the saw, your right placement, and the branches that you would like to prune are three important factors you should take into considerations.

3) Getting an assistant is necessary especially when you intend to prune high branches. Right placement of pruning saw matters and the person doing the pruning process would be able to see the placements of the saws and assistants can do that part.

4) Gears should be worn while doing the pruning because you do not know what debris would fall on your head. It would be necessary that you will consider safety first in anything you do. Using headgears and gloves are necessary.

5) Clean your pruning saw every after use. You should ensure that you could maintain the sharpness of blades on your saw so that you will not need to replace it on your next pruning activities. Making it sure, that you can reuse it would also make you save some money.

Lastly, always place your pruning saw in safe places that no children can reach it. It could be dangerous that your child could get the pruning saw on her hands because accidents are prone to occur.

It is necessary that pruning our trees with thick and high branches should be done. Pruning does not just help you practice your pruning expertise but also make your backyard look tidy. Three things that you need to consider about this gardening tool. These important things would include proper usage, proper care, and proper restoration.

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