How to Turn Coffee Tins into a Hanging Herb Garden

When you will use these coffee tins as your hanging herb garden, believe me, everyone will compliment your effort.

How to Turn Coffee Tins into a Hanging Herb Garden

Fresh herbs can add delicious flavor to meals, but buying them from the grocery store can get expensive. Growing your own herbs at home is an easy and affordable alternative. One creative way to grow a small herb garden is by repurposing used coffee tins into cute hanging planters. With just a few simple materials from the hardware store, you can upcycle old tins into a functional and decorative herb garden that looks charming in any kitchen.

Make The Right Use Coffee Tins For Hanging Herb Garden

Hanging herb garden can be created with several recycled items in which coffee tins are one of them. Coffee tins can easily be found lying here and there like garbage and most of them people do not bother to reuse them because of lack of knowledge. So, if you are one of those people who have numerous coffee tins lying around house and thinking to recycle them, then this article will help you making the best use of them. Hanging herb garden which is getting trendiest idea for contemporary people can be created with the help of useless coffee tins.

Innovative And Useful Way Of Recycling

There is no doubt that converting coffee tins which generally are of no use into hanging herb garden is such an innovative and highly useful idea for recycling. You cannot imagine making better use of coffee tins apart from it. In these tins, you can easily grow various plants and establish a rich and prosperous hanging herb garden indoors as well as outdoors. The possibility of occurrence of bugs in tins is the least and this type of hanging herb garden helps keeping plants cooler as they get sufficient air circulation.

How to Turn Coffee Tins into a Hanging Herb Garden

Different Supplies That You Should Get For Turning Coffee Tins Into Hanging Herb Garden

Without collecting all required supplies related to hanging herb garden, you should not proceed for the same. For healthy and long lasting benefits of herb garden, you necessarily get quality supplies. The main supplies include herb plants, chain of eight inches, hooks, organic soil, s hook, staring tins and old seed etc. Here, you can use any type of coffee tins. After completing with creating a hanging herb garden, you should get ready for enjoying veggie garden in your own small house.

Hints For Getting Several Coffee Cans

In case, you don’t have sufficient coffee cans in your house or you want some attractive or quality cans for making your hanging herb garden, then you can look further to other places like garden sales centers, auctions or any other place. Try to get metal cans because it will look very charming and attractive. Put your effort in turning these empty cans into beautiful and worthy hanging herb gardens. When you get empty coffee cans, next step will be to clean up them and peeling off all labels on it. Ensure that there would be no rough edges over your cans because it can hurt you or anyone.

Paint The Cans To Give Them Desired Look

Using coffee cans as it is will not bring that impact on your hanging herb garden as you dream for. For this, you should paint the cans. Firstly apply metal primer and when it gets dried, you can coat colorful acrylic paint. Color should be in matching of your wall colors of your home. When, the paint gets finely dried, you can move to next step of decorating it with imaginary visions. You can make designs of various herbs or natural elements.

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