DIY Garden Planters

These are few attractive ideas to make exclusive designs of garden planters. Follow these guidelines and make as many as planters you require for your

DIY Garden Planters

Ideas About DIY Garden Planters Can Help You Creating Attractive Planters For Your Herb Garden

Making garden planters may somehow seem a bit difficult but it is not really so. Generally, in gardens, we see several planters lying in rows or circles offering variety of herbs, plants and veggies. There is hardly any garden where there is no planter. Therefore, garden planters have a great significance in herb garden. But, buying garden planters from market will be a bit expensive and still, you cannot get those attractive planters as you can get if you consider guidelines for DIY garden planters. With bit carpentry and few recycled items, you can make innovative and stylish DIY garden planters.

Wheels Can be Used To Make Pallet Boxes For Garden Planters

Having a beautiful patio is a matter of proud and everyone dreams to have one for them. Now, you can have this dream come true if you use your creativity and sense of imagination. For using planter box in your garden, fix the bottoms with wheels and then fill up the soil. After that, screw the wheels inside the pallet boxes around 1 quarter for total box length. This way, you can easily move your planter pallet box in your patio. For planting veggies in the garden or any kind of herbs, this type of garden planters are the best.

Stacked Garden Planters Along With Inscriptions

Having planters with inscription gives attractive feel to visitors. Those who are not familiar with herb types or gardening much, inscriptions can be helpful to them. For this type of planters, supplies include 3 plastic pots and 3 terracotta pots, outdoor paint, tray, a small brush for lettering, a knife, a drill, a scissor, plants, herbs or flowers etc. It is truly incredible planter idea and the only thing you should remember about it is; the need of planters in different sizes, dazzling finish and a bit of creativity.

Decorative Skull Garden Planters

To make garden planters look attractive, there are several innovative ideas in which decorative skull garden planters will be one of the most unique ideas. This decorative piece is inspired from a celebration held in Tucson Az every year. In this festival, human skulls are considered as the main subject for decoration. You can also consider skull for decorating your garden planters to make them innovative and different looking. For this project, you require black and white colored craft paints, terra cotta pots etc. Add some water in white paint and then apply the solution to pots. Keep it to dry and then, draw skull with other black colored paint. After getting dried, your skull garden planters are ready to use.

Chevron Pattern Garden Planters

For making chevron pattern garden planters, you require box frame of redwood and cedar and for remaining parts, you can use material from any other projects. When, boxes are constructed, you can paint them to make it colorful. Use few wheels to make powerful bottom of the planters. Wheels will also make planters easy to move from one place to another. Color the wheels, so that it looks attractive. This is how your chevron pattern garden planters are ready to use in your patio or a small herb garden.

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