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How To Make One Pot Indoor Herb Garden

Enjoy Simpler Gardening With One Pot Indoor Herb Garden

People who have small kitchen in their house can also enjoy gardening advantages just with the help of one big sized put and convert that pot in a rich indoor herb garden by following our helpful guidelines. In this one big pot, you can grow sage, thyme, basil herbs altogether. Seriously, no other gardening idea will be simpler than this one because here you have to maintain one pot and with this single pot, you will be able to enjoy several types of fresh herbs in your small and cute indoor herb garden.

Things Required For One Pot Indoor Herb Garden

If you are ready to start this project for your home, then this is a right time to start off. For starting this gardening project, you should get one big sized pot, few plants of herbs (Choice of herbs depends on you entirely), and soil for potting and that’s it. Apart from these required things, you also need to select a good spot where your plants can get enough sunlight because herbs require plenty of sunlight directly as well as indirectly.

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One Pot Indoor Herb Garden

Have A Clear Picture Of Ideal Pot For One Pot Indoor Herb Garden

For growing different types of herbs in your one pot indoor herb garden, it is crucial to buy a deep and large sized pot for planting herbs. This pot should also have one hole exactly at bottom of the pot. This hole will help smooth drainage. In case, you have some gravel and stones, then it would be great if you put them in pot because it will encourage healthy drainage of water. This is how you should consider an ideal pot for you tiny indoor herb garden.

Which Herbs Can Be Grown In One Pot Indoor Herb Garden

For this type of garden, there are varied types of herbs available. You can choose cooking herbs like caraway thyme, sage, basil etc., because you can use them in your kitchen. Apart from these herbs, for choosing ideal herb types, you can visit a nursery and there can analyze or discuss about appropriate herbs that you can grow in your small indoor herb garden. After selecting herbs for your one pot indoor herb garden, you can grow 3-4 herbs altogether in that large pot and thus, can get benefit of all grown herbs from 1 single pot.

Detail For Soil Type & Water For One Pot Indoor Herb Garden

To grow herbs in an indoor herb garden, information about type of soil is highly important. So, firstly fill your large pot with required soil and stop the pot about 3’ from top side. After that, you should moisten soil a bit and also mix water till it gets evenly wet. It should be loosely muddy. When you complete with this process, you should dig a deep hole down and remove 1 plant from container of nursery. Loose soil of the pot from roots and put the plant in hole and then, pack it for an inch with dirt over root ball.

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