Making an Herb Garden Design on Hillsides

by Joseph Miller
Herb Garden Design on Hillsides

Making an Herb Garden Design on Hillsides

Making an herb garden design can be easily done by almost anyone. However, there are certain situations that can make designing an herb garden to be more complicated and complex. One factor that can complicate the designing process of any herb garden design is when you will be placing your herb garden in an inclined terrain or in a hilly yard. Herb garden design in a hilly yard may be complicated and more complex to do than making an herb garden design in a flat surface. However, hilly herb garden design is not as hard as you think it is and most importantly, it is not impossible to do.

Key Points: 

  • Designing an herb garden on a hillside comes with some extra considerations.
  • Retaining walls or terraces help prevent soil erosion on the slope.
  • Beds should be narrow with ample paths for easy accessibility and care.
  • Choose hardy herbs like thyme and lavender suited for Mediterranean conditions.
  • Proper drainage and at least 6 hours of sunlight are essential for hillside herbs.

Making Structures for Your Hillside Herb Garden Design

Since the terrain in hillsides is usually not level, you need to construct certain structures to keep or prevent your herb garden soil from sliding down. You may need to include retaining walls around your herb garden design, just to keep your herb garden’s soil from sliding. If you do not want to construct retaining walls around your herb garden design, you can try making terraces that can help in the water irrigation, so that when you water your herb garden, more water will be absorbed by the garden soil, rather than running down the slopes.

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Accessibility of Your Hillside Herb Garden Design

For you to properly maintain and take good care of all your herbs in your hillside herb garden design, you need to have easy and direct access to all your herbs. One thing that I can suggest in making a hillside herb garden design is you leave unplanted strips between each herb garden beds. This way, you can have paths to use so that you can easily reach all your herbs. It is advisable that you will keep each of your herb garden beds to be less than 4 feet in width.

Choosing Herbs for Your Hillside Herb Garden Design

Not all types of herbs can thrive or survive in hilly terrains. You need to know first which type of herbs can easily adapt to a hilly landscape. Mediterranean herbs can easily grow on hilly terrains. Some famous Mediterranean herbs include thyme, oregano, rosemary, sweet bay, sage, sweet marjoram, and many more. Just make sure that all your herbs planted on your hilly herb garden design will receive enough sunlight with good water drainage, for all your herbs to survive and grow healthily.


While designing an herb garden on a hillside presents some unique challenges, the end result can be a beautiful and thriving landscape. Retaining walls, terracing, proper drainage and hardy herb selections allow gardens to flourish on slopes. Narrow beds with ample access paths aid in care and maintenance. By leveraging the natural contours of the terrain, herb gardens can be crafted to enhance hillsides with cascading flowers, fragrant herbs and Mediterranean hues. With smart planning and care, herb gardens on inclines can become a bountiful showcase of nature’s flavors and fragrances.


How can soil be retained on a sloped herb garden?
Use retaining walls or create terraced beds that hold the soil.

What herbs grow well on hillside gardens?
Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, oregano, thyme.

How much sunlight should a hillside herb garden get?
At least 6 hours of direct sun daily.

How wide should beds be in a hillside herb garden?
Max 4 feet wide with 1-2 ft paths in between for access.

What are good hillside herbs for tea gardens?
Thyme, oregano, lemon balm, sage, lavender.

How often should a hillside herb garden be watered?
1-2 times per week, adjust for rainfall. Improve drainage.

What edging materials work well for hillside herb beds?
Stone, brick, concrete blocks to reinforce the beds.

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