Do It Yourself Hanging Herb Garden Design

by Joseph Miller

Do It Yourself Hanging Herb Garden Design

If you are planning in making your own herb garden design and you do not have enough space in your backyard, then that is not a problem. Even if you are living in an apartment building that does not have any open space where you can place your herb garden design, it is still possible for you to have your own herb garden in your house. In fact, you can make use of things that are already found in your house to make your own herb garden design. Just make sure that all your future herbs in your herb garden design can receive enough sunlight and other important factors for all your herbs to survive.

Use a Shoe Organizer for Your Hanging Herb Garden Design

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Shoe Organizer Herb Garden

Having your own herb garden at home means that you can have access of fresh herbs all-year round, without having the need to spend approximately $2.50 for a small pack of fresh herbs from the supermarket. If you will just have a vacant wall with enough sun exposure, then you can hang your shoe organizer there and turn it into your very own hanging herb garden design.

How to Make the Shoe Organizer for Your Hanging Herb Garden Design

  1. In order to hang your shoe organizer into the wall securely, you will need a strong pole with attachments where you can install strong and sturdy hooks. Once you already have the pole with hooks, securely install it into your wall using screws or nails. Make sure that the pole is very secure and strong enough to hold all the weight of your soil, water, and herbs. After securing the pole and hooks for the organizer, you can now hang the organizer.
  2. After hanging the shoe organizer, try to pour water into each pocket or pouch and check for its drainage. If water doesn’t drain well, you need to make small holes in each pocket or pouch for it to serve as its drainage.
  3. Once proper drainage is assured, you can now fill each pocket with compost or planting soil just up to 1 inch below the rim. Do not fill the pockets totally with soil.
  4. After filling each pocket with compost or planting soil, you can now transfer your herbs into the shoe organizer. After planting everything, gently water each pocket.
  5. You can also place a pot or container with herbs underneath your hanging herb garden design for it to catch all dripping water from the hanging herb garden design to prevent the water from dripping into your floor.

Hanging Herb Garden Design

The good thing of having a hanging herb garden design is that you will not need a big space for your herb garden. Hanging herb garden design is perfect for people who live in an apartment where there are space is greatly limited.


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