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How To Grow Herbs Indoors In Winters

Grow Herbs Indoors A Year Round

For passionate gardeners or people who care of fresh herbs to use for their meal, this article is quite beneficial because here, we have highlighted some steps to grow herbs indoors in winters too. Many people believe that winter season is not appropriate time for growing herbs in a garden, but it is not so. After reading this article, you will also start believing this fact because it will help you learning the way to grow herbs indoors in the winter. So, grow any type of herbs, plants or vegetables in your indoor herb garden and add exotic taste in your dishes.

Key Points:

  • Select long-lived perennial herbs like rosemary and oregano for indoor growing.
  • Use containers with drainage holes and quality potting soil.
  • Maximize sunlight exposure by placing herbs near south-facing windows.
  • Check soil dampness often and water when the top inch is dry.
  • Fertilize sparingly every few weeks during the winter growing season.

Easy Instructions To Grow Herbs Indoors

For growing herbs indoors in winter season, your first step should be the selection of herbs that you want to grow in your indoor garden. Many herbs can be grown in containers; however it is not so with all herbs for sure. For example, Dill are plants which die off when summer gets over. Regardless to the fact, how much have your put your effort in growing it. On other side, biennials are those plants which can be enjoyed for at least 2 years. Perennials live for long time. So, make such herbs selection for your indoor herb garden that you can enjoy for long term and such

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Ideas To Grow Herbs In Winter

plants include parsley, rosemary, marjoram, bay, scented geranium, savory, sage, mint, mint and oregano.

Get Containers With Proper Drainage

When it comes to grow herbs indoors, the best idea is to grow herbs in containers. For this purpose, you can use any type of container, but ensure that it provides good drainage. For the best results, using terracotta pots will be a great idea. Along with quality container, ensure high quality soil for growing rich herbs in your indoor herb garden. After the information of right container and soil quality, next point is to consider exact location where you should put your pots.

Sunny Window Sill For Establishing An Indoor Herb Garden

Sunlight acts as food of plants and without finding enough sunlight, it becomes impossible for plants to live longer. Therefore, if you wish to enjoy benefits of a garden even in winters, then do establish your garden to grow herbs indoors at a sunny location. May it be your kitchen window sill or any place where plants can find enough sunlight. Remember, plants need 6 hours of direct sunlight and 6-8 hours indirect sunlight. Though, in winters, it becomes hard to provide that amount of sunlight to plants. So, it would be better to use windows of south facing. Or you can also take help of artificial light for fulfilling the need of sunlight for plants.

Fertilizing & Watering To Grow Herbs Indoors

Along with sunlight, water is also a crucial element for plants. So, as per humidity level of place, provide required amount of water for 2-4 days to your herbs. While checking water needed, ensure that the soil is damp. Apart from watering, fertilizing is also compulsory. So, fertilize your plants sparingly.


Growing herbs indoors provides garden-fresh flavor all year round. Choose suitable long-lived herbs like thyme, rosemary or sage, and provide containers with drainage holes. Position them in a warm, sunny spot inside near a south-facing window. Check soil dampness frequently, watering when the top inch is dry. Fertilize lightly every few weeks. With the right herb selections, plenty of sun, attentive watering and care, an indoor herb garden can thrive in winter. No matter the season, you can snip homegrown herbs to instantly elevate everyday meals.

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