How to Create a Garden Hanging Basket

Using the hanging baskets is very efficient, especially when you are learning how to plant an herb garden in your backyard.

How to Create a Garden Hanging Basket

Improving your creativity in making a DIY hanging basket can give you products that are more artistic. Whatever your reason why you are creating these baskets, you should be able to do it with high quality as well as make it look good, especially when you want to display it in your home.

These baskets can come in different sizes, design, and styles depending on your choice. You can even choose what materials to use and accessories to add if you wish to make your baskets unique. If you are doing these stuffs because you want to start a manufacturing business, then you need to enhance more your products so your items could stand out among your competitors.

Choosing the herbs to use with the baskets is also important because you need to mix and match everything so you could come up a great piece of art.

Key Points: 

  • Hanging baskets allow you to creatively display plants and flowers.
  • The framework, size, shape, and liner are important considerations when making one.
  • High quality, durable materials should be used so baskets can be displayed inside or outside.
  • Plant selection and proper soil are critical to having a healthy, thriving hanging garden.

Things to Consider in Making DIY Hanging Basket

First, you need to get a framework. Get materials from your resources and then make a base of your basket. It is your choice if you want an elongated design or circular. Materials to use are very essential when you talk about making the framework basket because these would carry all the weight of your whole masterpiece. You should be getting something that is lighter so you could carry and transfer you basket anywhere and be sure that the materials are of high quality. A combination of metal and wood fibers is a good choice. Included also in the framework of your basket is the hook, which is the most important part so you could just hang your container anywhere you want in your house or garden.

Second is deciding the pattern of your basket. The most common for this is the checkerboard style. You need also to decide if you want a large basket or create just small ones depending again on your purpose. To avoid spilling of soils and too much water loss while you water your plants in your hanging basket, a liner should be inserted. This would allow the soil to be intact as well as the absorptions of water by the roots of your plants would be regulated. There are many choices of the kinds of liners to use.

Garden Hanging basket

Start Planting In Your Hanging Basket

Fill your basket with the base layer of potting soil. You should use humus so that you can be certain that your plants would be getting enough nutrients. Putting a water reservoir is also important so that you need not to reach for your plants every day, especially when you are placing it on the top portions of your house or office if you want to water them.

Adding plants would be the final step for this project. You can add whatever species of plants you would want to have in your basket to make it more colorful with great vibrant of colors. If you already know how to plant an herb garden, then these hanging baskets can be utilized.


What types of materials work best for constructing a hanging basket framework?
Lightweight, durable materials like metal, wood, or plastic work best. Avoid heavy materials that could cause the basket to fall. Aluminum and steel wire frames are common.

How do you determine what size basket you need for the space?
Consider the size of the area and how much you want the plants to spread. Baskets 12-16 inches wide are common for outdoor spaces. Smaller 6-10 inch baskets work for indoors.

What is the benefit of using a liner in a hanging basket?
A liner helps retain moisture and prevents soil and drainage from leaking out of the basket. Plastic, moss, coco liner, and other materials can be used.

What type of soil mix should be used in a hanging basket?
Use a lightweight potting mix made for containers and hanging baskets. It has more drainage than garden soil to prevent heavy sogginess.

What are some good plant choices for hanging baskets?
Trailing plants like petunias, ivy, fuchsia, and million bells work well. Herbs, strawberries, and compact veggies can also be used.

How often do you need to water a hanging basket?
Hanging baskets dry out faster than in-ground plants. Check soil daily and water when top few inches become dry. Morning watering is best.

Where are the best places to display hanging baskets?
Hang in areas that receive 4-6 hours of sunlight and adequate airflow. Patios, porches, garden sheds, and along fences are great spots.

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