Hanging Basket Herb Garden DIY

Hanging Basket is such a wonderful gardening idea for short space houses. These DIY herb garden related guidelines are very helpful because it makes e

Create A Hanging Basket DIY Herb Garden In Short Space

Having a garden in a home has several benefits, yet people with short space cannot afford space for a garden usually. For such people, hanging basket DIY herb garden will be the best idea. Cook food with fresh herbs and enjoy healthy eating with DIY herb garden anywhere your house. For making an innovative hanging basket herb garden, you should get some kitchen baskets. Set them with liner which you can easily get from a garden supply store. With a scissor, trim it and fit the kitchen baskets properly. Then fill baskets which are lined with herbs as well as soil, water etc.

Key Points: 

  • Hanging baskets allow growing herbs in small spaces like apartments.
  • Sturdy baskets, potting mix, and liners are needed to create hanging gardens.
  • Proper spacing should be left between baskets based on plant height.
  • Strong knots and careful assembly ensure a long-lasting hanging herb garden.

Hanging Basket – A Neat & Easy DIY Herb Garden

It is true that no other idea for DIY herb garden design will be as attractive as hanging basket. While making this garden, there will be no mess around. It is such as neat and clean way to set up a healthy and rich DIY herb garden. Due to its light weight and design, it has mobility feature. For herbs’ growth, you can keep or hang it outdoors. This way, herbs will get required sun light. When sunlight is not required, bring hanging basket garden indoors. In home, it should be hanged in windowsill when it is winters.

Required Supplies For Hanging Basket DIY Herb Garden

If you are on DIY garden design for hanging basket, then this information will surely help you a lot. First of all, get all required supplies at a place and then start with other process. In supplies, you should get rectangular shaped sturdy baskets which should be in equal sizes. These baskets should quite deep because you have to plant various herbs for your DIY herb gardening. Remember that basket should not be so heavy that you cannot hang it easily. Along with baskets, you need polyester braided rope, flowers or herbs, potting soil for 2 bags. Get 2 screws and a scissor for hanging this garden design.

Garden Hanging basket DIY

Pre-Assume Flowers’ Plant Height For Proper Spacing Between Hanging Basket

Undoubtedly, pre-assumption is highly necessary when you are on DIY herb garden design. Making a strong hanging basket herb garden is not a joke, but it requires expertise which somehow everyone does not have. Therefore, a beginner should take up every step very carefully. While giving spaces to hanging baskets, pre assume the height of plant after growth. As per the expected measurement, you should give even space between various baskets. Cut the rope and double up its sides and add 3 ft more to it.

Give Strong Finish To Hanging Basket

When making DIY herb garden, it is all up to you to make your garden design long lasting or powerful. Move on each step very strongly and do finish your work precisely. After making structure of hanging garden, it is the time for finishing. For that, double tie the knots. Thread knots from second basket to another one. While knotting, ensure even spacing of your baskets. When you are on back corners of baskets, repeat the knotting process and ensure everything is fine for making long-lasting DIY herb garden.


What types of baskets work best for hanging herb gardens?
Sturdy baskets made of metal, plastic, or wood with a rectangular or circular shape work well. Make sure they are lightweight enough to hang but durable.

What kind of soil or potting mix should be used?
Use a high-quality potting mix made for containers and hanging baskets, which drains well and provides nutrients for herbs.

How much space should be left between hanging baskets?
Leave 12-18 inches between baskets depending on the expected mature height of the herbs, to prevent overcrowding.

How often do hanging herb gardens need to be watered?
Check soil daily and water when the top inch becomes dry. Herbs in hanging baskets dry out faster than garden plants.

What are some good herb choices for hanging basket gardens?
Parsley, basil, oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, mint, and chives are great choices for hanging herb gardens.

How much sun do hanging herb gardens need each day?
Most herbs do best with 6-8 hours of full sunlight daily. Move the baskets around to optimize sunlight.

How can you ensure hanging baskets are securely installed?
Reinforce knots, use strong hardware to hang, and securely anchor baskets to prevent accidents if they become loose.


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