Choosing A Garden Fork

Gardening Fork – An Essential Gardening Tool

If you want to start gardening, then first of all get all required tools for the same. Although, there are different types of gardening tools and all those have great importance, yet the need of gardening fork cannot be replaced at all. Gardening fork makes entire gardening quite easier. Every knowledgeable gardener knows the importance of gardening fork. It helps lifting, turning or loosening the soil. There are different types of gardening forks available in the market and selection of each type of fork depends upon the specific need. Let’s read on various gardening forks and its usages.

Kind Of Work Should Be Considered Before Choosing Gardening Fork

Undoubtedly, you have to consider the work before buying a gardening fork for you. If you don’t want to be disappointed with the performance of the fork, then it is your duty to first consider the job for which you are going to use gardening fork. Digging fork, compost fork, English Fork, spading fork etc are few names of the gardening fork. There are several companies manufacturing it and thus, you can buy branded garden fork as well. In garden fork brands, Bulldog is quite famous and reputed brand. You can get a durable and top of the line product from this brand.

Gardening Fork Types

For general or basis tasks of gardening like soil loosening, compost lifting, soil turning etc., a basic fork can be used. It will give satisfactory performance. However, of gardening forks are made for some specific tasks. For instance, the compost fork is basically made for turning, moving or lifting soil or compost. Though, you should remember that regular compost turning can cause faster decompose. On other side, the cultivator fork helps loosening the soil. It also works greatly to clearing the soil. Some gardening forks are used to gather root crops like potatoes. The fork tines consist to bulbs that prevent any kind of crop damage.

English Gardening Fork

The English gardening fork is quite famous and effective tool. It is also referred as serious fork. This fork is used for undisturbed soil. It works well with clay, hard soil or tough soil too. This fork consists to strong tines which lasts at diamond points and helps for simple and easy penetration of soil. It is forged from carbon steel. It has strapped connection handle and riveted socket. It is versatile tool that performs amazingly to break up tough soil. It also is useful for dig up or double digging root crops. All and all, English gardening fork is the best for tough soil.

Spading Or Digging Fork

The spading and digging forks are quite lighter and having tines of four triangular shaped. There is a flat front facing that is useful for lifting. The flat tines work in amazing way to dig up loamy, loose or sandy soil. It performs great job in mixing or aerating the nutrients. While harvesting potatoes or other rooted vegetables, these forks work greatly. In spring season, the gardeners use these forks to turn the soil.

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