Being Innovative With Herb Garden Design

Innovative ideas for your herb garden design. How you can make use of different materials to create an innovative herb garden design?

Being Innovative With Herb Garden Design

Get creative with your herb garden layout! This article explores fun, innovative ways to repurpose common household items to add custom flair to your garden design. Discover ideas for unique planters, markers, accents and more using materials you already have on hand.

Key Points:

  • Herb gardens are easy to cultivate with minimal requirements for sun and warmth.
  • Repurposing unused household items adds creativity and customization to herb garden design.
  • Raised beds from recycled lumber provide better drainage and an ecological option for herbs.
  • Herbs can be grown in recycled containers with drainage holes added to the bottom.
  • Everyday discarded items like wooden sticks, silverware, and plastic bottles can be innovatively reused as herb garden accents and functions.

Herb Gardening

A herb garden design is easy to cultivate and convenient to design. All you need is enough sunlight reaching your kitchen. Herb gardens are easier to grow indoors as compared to other plants as they have small requirements of sun and warmth. We can either buy the seeds or the little saplings to start the herb garden. It is a wonderful feeling designing our own herb garden and watching it bloom to its full glory. Keep adding delicious little herbs in the ever blooming garden and it turns out to be a beautiful, small, fragrant, multipurpose patch of green in your life.

Herb Garden Design Requires Creative Thinking

Herbs plants decorated at one corner of your house add richness of the spicy scent in the environment around.  A well placed herb garden also compliment the decor with its beautiful flowers and feathery foliage.  There is a big deal of satisfaction when you create something out of the waste material inside your house. It is a craft to give something a new life which was otherwise neglected as garbage. Creating an herb garden design with waste material is entirely dependent on the type of objects that you may use. Apply some creative thinking and see the magic yourself.

Herb Garden Design: A Raised Bed Made With Recycled Lumber

A raised bed for herb garden has several advantages. The biggest among all the advantages of a raised bed is it provides better drainage to the plants. An ecological responsible choice to make an herb garden is to make it with recycled materials. Use recycled lumber or plastic lumber to make a raised bed. We will not go into the basics of creating a recycled raised bed; you may very well create it while using a little craftsmanship. How would you arrange it and make it look like a new one purchased from the garden shop is a matter of your creativity and your interest. I would give you one tip here and that is to avoid using the railway ties for the raised bed if you are going to grow herbs in your garden. It contains toxic substance that may damage your plants.

Being Innovative With Your Herb Garden Design

Herb Garden Design Recycled Containers

A Herb Garden Design With Recycled Containers

For herb garden designing you may just use anything. Herbs can easily be grown in the pots or containers.  To use a container in your garden all you have to do is to make a hole in the bottom of a container so that it could provide drainage to the plants. While you are planting in pots you may use other waste material like newspapers, packing pellets or pine cones or something other in the bottom to save the soil and maintain the moisture in the root.  Herb garden design start with seedling and you can find a lot of item in your household that you can recycle to grow the little seedlings before planting them into the containers.

What Is Your Idea Of An Innovative Herb Garden Design?

You may add a lot of fun to an herb garden design while applying your creative ideas to make regular household items more functional and decorative. Look around, you would find a lot of unused item here and there in your house that can add a new life to your herb garden design. Plant labels that hold astronomical prices in the market can be made with Wooden pop sticks or tongue pressers that you usually through away. Use silver forks or spoon to make garden markers. There are so many innovative ideas you may find if you look around with a little creative sight.  Make use of your creative instinct and create the best herb garden design with recycled good at your home.

FAQ: Innovative Herb Garden Design

What are some advantages of a raised bed herb garden?
Raised beds provide better drainage and can be made sustainably using recycled lumber. Avoid using toxic railroad ties.

What everyday items can be repurposed for herb gardens?
Old kitchenware like pots, silverware, and bottles can become planters. Wooden sticks and popsicle sticks make great plant markers.

How can I make containers to plant herbs in?
Drill drainage holes in the bottom of any waterproof vessel. Line the bottom with gravel, sand, or packing peanuts before adding potting soil.

What should be used to separate herbs in a recycled container garden?
Divide herb plants in multi-plant containers using items like packed soda cans, plastic bottles, pans, and packing materials.

How can I customize my herb garden design?
Add a personal touch by painting and decorating reused containers and accents. Use stencils, decals, mosaic tiles, etc.

Where should I look for unused items to repurpose in my garden?
Rummage through your kitchen, garage, shed, and recycling bins for unused tins, bottles, crates, utensils, and more to creatively reuse.

What safety tips should I follow when repurposing materials?
Avoid items that contained chemicals. Only use containers meant for food. Sand and seal any rough edges.


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