Layout a Container Herb Garden Layout a Container Herb Garden

How to Layout a Container Herb Garden Design

In choosing herbs, you should consider your local climatic conditions & make sure that the herbs you choose can survive w/ your local conditions.

How to Layout a Container Herb Garden Design

Instead of rushing to the nearest supermarket just to buy fresh or dried herbs for you to use in your cooking, why not plant your own herbs at your own backyard? Having your own herb garden at your own backyard will not just be able to provide all-year round supply of fresh herbs that you and your family can use, having your own herb garden can also give your house a fresh and beautiful look also. However, starting to make your own herb garden design may not be that simple. You would still need to take into consideration each of your herbs’ environment preference.  For example, if you live in a tropical country, it may not be advisable to plant herbs that best survive in cold climates.

1st Step in Making Your Herb Garden Design

Before you start making your own herb garden design, you have to be certain on what will be the purpose of your herb garden. If you plan on having your own herb garden at home for culinary purposes, then it is better if you pick a spot in your garden that is nearest to your kitchen. You do not want an herb garden for culinary purposes, which is very far from your kitchen, right?

If the purpose that your own herb garden serves is for medical or therapeutic purposes, you can pick a spot that is not necessarily near your kitchen, but just a spot that is accessible for you and your whole family. In choosing herbs, you should also consider your local climatic conditions, and make sure that the herbs that you will choose to plant for your herb garden can survive with your local climatic conditions.

 Herb Garden Design: Container Herb Garden

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Colorful Container Herb Garden

Container herb garden design is perfect for houses with limited space outdoors. However, container herb garden can also be used by anyone, no matter how much available space they have. In a container herb garden, herbs are individually planted or planted in groups in one container. Container herb garden is one of the easiest to maintain herb garden design, since maintaining the arrangement and monitoring the soil’s moisture can be done easily. If you want to move pots around, you can easily carry pots that are small, and you can just gently pull or push larger pots. However, one common mistake people with container herb garden do, they usually arrange each pot very close with other pots, making herbs too close to each other. Herbs that are too close to each other will create a competition for space and some herbs may not receive enough sunlight for other herbs can block sunlight’s way.

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