How To Induce Menstruation Using Herbs

How To Induce Menstruation Using Herbs

Do you also have the same question that many women ask certain times – “How to induce menstruation?” Women since centuries have been using emmenogogues (herbs that stimulate menstruation) to induce regular menstrual cycle. Some of these emmenogogues also work as emergency contraceptives other than treating light, infrequent menstruation). Some women use these herbs to induce menstruation early to that the period dates do not clash with an important event, such as vacation or family gathering. If you also want to change your menstrual cycle to bring it little early, you can make use of these herbs and good thing is that most of these herbs have received scientific confirmation. These herbs may produce side effect ranging from minor to life threatening. Inquire with your health care expert prior using these herbs to induce periods.

Herbs That Induce Menstruation

How to induce menstruation

Black Cohosh

A well-known medicinal herbs, found mostly in North America, Black Cohosh has been in use for ages to threat most of the disorders related to female reproductive system. Various health center related to complementary and alternative medicine confirm the use of Black Cohosh as a customary medicine for female disorders form oligomenorrhea, infertility to hot flashes. You can rely on Black Cohosh to induce menstruation; however, the herb is also an anticoagulant that may cause heavy or prolonged period.

Juniper Berry

Juniper is a known emmenogogue and dose ranges from 4 to 10 grams of dried juniper berry. the herb is suggested for many ailments including gout, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, and muscle nerve and tendon disorders. Studies have investigated its overall effect on human body and suggested to use it judiciously.


Pennyroyal has been taken from folk medicine. As per the U.S. National Institutes of Health the herb is commonly used in folk medicine as abortifcient and menstrual stimulant. Pennyroyal belongs to mint family having more toxic properties that may cause many side effects like, vomiting, diarrhea, psychosis, nausea, multiple organ failure, coma and in some cases, death.


Tansy flower has large quantities of menstruation cycle stimulant thujone. It’s toxic and near toxic doses effectively induces menstruation. Considering it’s over toxic properties tansy is no longer in use as a herbal medicine; the risks associate with its use far outweigh the benefits. It can cause severe gastrointestinal problems, heart palpitations, convulsions and death.


Parsley is a gentle menstrual stimulant commonly used by the women of all ages. You may find parsley in almost all herb gardens. It’s easy to grow under various climates. Parsley causes fewer side effects compared to relatively stronger herbs. it is weak as an emmenogogue when taken in tea or other ways, due to that some herbalists suggest using it as a pessary to induce menstruation.

Similar to menstruation, herb are useful in many disorders associated to female reproductive system. Women use herbs to induce lactation, labor, and ovulation and so on. There are many uses of herbs and best part is that you can grow them in your home and use them whenever you want them.

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