How to Grow Herbs from Cuttings

Learn how to grow herbs from cuttings or propagating herbs from stems. This article contains easy step-by-step instructions to grow herbs from cutting

How to Grow Herbs from Cuttings

The best thing about most herbs is that they can propagate from cuttings. Say you have one herb plant and you’d like to have more. Or your herb plant is getting old and will not survive for long and wish you could save a bit of it and start afresh. Well, you can! You can grow herbs from existing herb plants from cuttings taken from an existing herb plant. You can cut small stems, pinch off any leaves or flowers, and dip it in soil, then water the cutting until they start growing roots of their own.

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how to grow herbsIn this article, we have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you propagate herbs from cuttings.

Step 1 – The best time to plant herbs from cutting is between spring and fall. At this point of the year, the herb plants are healthy and grow steadily. When the temperature starts to drop, and the weather starts becoming cooler, then herbs growth falls down, so if you take cuttings from herbs during winters it may not root.

Step 2 – Do not cut herb plants that are in the process of flowering. The cutting taken from the flowering plant is most likely not to root because the herb plant’s vitality is largely focused on the flowers and not the root. However, if you wish to take a cutting from a flowering herb, then remove all leaves and flowers from the cutting before propagating it.

Step 3 – It is important that you take cuttings from new growth on most herbs because it is higher up on the herb and much lighter in color. Also, the new growth has higher chances to root than old growth as the stems are soft.

Step 4 – Herbs that are overly fertilized are not the right plants to get cuttings from. The higher the herb is fertilized, the fewer chances are that the cutting from such an herb will root. Always insist to cut a stem from healthy herbs that are growing on their own without the use of fertilizers.

Step 5 – Before taking the cutting from your desired herb plant, make sure that you water them thoroughly so the roots are well-hydrated. Plants that are saturated well are most likely to produce healthy cuttings.

Use of Rooting Hormone for Growing Herbs from Cuttings

how to grow herbsIf you are planning to propagate herbs from cuttings then you can take help of rooting hormones or rooting compounds for a healthy herb growth. Rooting hormones are artificial auxin that encourages the development of healthy embryonic roots. It comes in the powered form and is available in any garden center. Most rooting compounds are mixed with fungicide to put off any kind of disease during rooting. These compounds should be used with great precaution and they can cause respiratory problem, skin problems or inhalation problems.

Final Words

You can root the cutting in any type of container, just keep them well-hydrated and avoid the use of any kind of fertilizer. Please leave your comments below and bookmark us today for weekly updates on herb gardening.

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