How to Grow and Use Salad Burnet?

Grow Salad Burnet in your herb garden or container for a pretty little perennial herb that also has culinary use. The herb also beautifies your herb g

How to Grow and Use Salad Burnet?

Salad burnet is an herb plant that belongs to the rose (Rosaceae) family. It’s an attractive perennial grown for both its medicinal properties and edible leaves. Medicinally, earlier it was used to control hemorrhaging, and also against Plague, but now it is mostly planted for its astringent properties. Salad burnet has a very fresh and clean, cucumber-like flavor. It’s an easy growing herb plant that bloom early in the season and well resistant to heat.

Note: The herb’s medicinal uses do not substitute any professional medical advice. Always consult a medical practitioner if you have a health issue.

How to Harvest Salad Burnet?

Harvest the herb plant as per your need. They are commonly harvested for its young, tender leaves that have the best aroma. To encourage new growth, harvest only the outer leaves of an established plant. Strip the leaves and remove the tough stems. Its dried leaves do provide the same flavor as the fresh green leaves, and by keeping them in refrigerator you can use them in hot dishes.

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How to Use Salad Burnet?

How to Grow and Use Salad Burnet 2

Farro Salad

Salad Burnet can be used anytime you need to add a cool and fresh, cucumber flavor to any dish. Its leaves are preferred on sandwiches or can be tossed into salads. They add a nice flavor to a cold drink, like wine spritzers or lemonade. To add a rich aroma and soothing taste, toss a few leaves of salad burnet into eggs, soups or other hot dishes as a final step of cooking.

Tips to Grow Salad Burnet

Soil: The moderately moist condition is ideal to salad burnet but you can grow them in almost all conditions.

Planting: If you are planning to start plant salad burnet indoors, make sure to start it 4 weeks before the last frost date, but salad burnet grows well when its seeds are directly seeded in the garden, just two weeks before the last frost. Cover evenly and keep it moist, until it germinates. In the first year the herb plant will grow about eight to ten feet tall. Subsequent years the plant will grow larger and have flowers. You can divide salad burnet in spring or fall to make a new plant.

Maintenance of the Plant

How to Grow and Use Salad Burnet

Salad Burnet

The main maintenance chores the plant need is pinching and harvesting the old leaves, otherwise the mature plant will have somewhat tougher leaves. Water the plant regularly, at least 1” per week. Regular watering will help keep the plant productive and cool even in the summer. Removing the flower stalks and flower at regular intervals will cut down on self seeding and encourage the growth of more leaves.

Final Words

Salad burnet can also be a nice choice for patio containers or filler herbs between other plants. With little protection these plants can survive in colder climates. It’s a delicate plant and more comfortable at the edges, then in the corners. In wet and damp weather, protect the plant from the leaf spot disease. Remove the affected leaves if you see the initial symptoms.

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