Herb Garden Design for Hillsides Herb Garden Design for Hillsides

Herb Garden Design for Hillsides

Making an herb garden design for a hilly yard is not impossible, and in fact, it is not as hard as you think it is.

Herb Garden Design for Hillsides

Hillsides or a yard that does not have a level terrain can be hard and more challenging when planning and making an herb garden design. However, making an herb garden design for a hilly yard is not impossible, and in fact, it is not as hard as you think it is. Any herb garden design will be successful, just as long as you make sure that you can provide everything that all your herbs will need while you are still planning for your herb garden design, in order for all your herbs to survive. With some creative landscaping techniques, you can craft a beautiful and functional herb garden even on uneven terrain.

Key Points: 

  • Hillside herb gardens require some specialized design considerations but can be just as successful as leveled gardens.
  • Preventing soil erosion through terracing and retaining walls is crucial on sloped terrain.
  • Beds should be narrow with ample pathways to allow easy access for care and maintenance.
  • Take advantage of the incline to add unique landscaping features like tiered waterfalls.
  • Choose herbs like thyme, oregano and lavender that thrive in Mediterranean conditions of full sun and good drainage.

Herb Garden Design Structure for Hillsides

Herb Garden design for hillside

To make sure that your herb garden design will last for a long time, you have to make certain structures specifically for hillsides. Retaining walls can be used or terracing can be done in your herb garden design to help in retaining soil and prevent soil from sliding down the slope. Another benefit or advantage from doing terraces for your herb garden design is that it helps in the irrigation of water, which results in better absorption of water into the ground, instead of sliding down the slope.

Herb Garden Design Accessibility for Hillsides

To properly take good care and mend for all your herbs’ needs, you have to make sure that the herb garden design you are making can provide easy access to each herb. You can make pathways or strips between herbs planted in no more than 4 feet in width and length beds, so that you can easily reach all your herbs in your herb garden design.

Herb Garden Design Landscape for Hillsides

In planning for the landscape you are going to use for your herb garden design in hillsides, there may be some restriction. However, making an herb garden design in hillsides or in slopes also has some advantages. You can take advantage of the hillside to make an herb garden design that will help in irrigating water to all your herbs. You can also include small waterfall feature into your herb garden design. You have to make remember that there are some landscaping features (rocks, boulders, etc.) that is used on a level ground that can’t be done on a hillside herb garden design, but it can be used for adding details.

Herbs for Your Herb Garden Design for Hillsides

There are several herbs that can easily adapt when planted on hillsides. Those herbs that can easily adapt on hillsides are mostly Mediterranean herbs that love to be exposed under the sunlight. Mediterranean herbs that love can easily thrive in an herb garden design on hillsides are thyme, sweet marjoram, oregano, lavender, and mint.


An herb garden on a hillside may seem daunting, but with smart design it can thrive just as well as a leveled garden. By terracing beds, improving accessibility through stairs and pathways, and selecting hardy Mediterranean herbs, you can craft a beautiful and lush landscape even on uneven terrain. With proper soil retention, drainage and creative touches like tiered water features, a hillside herb garden can become a bountiful and visually stunning part of your yard.

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