Benefits of Worm Tea

Worm tea possesses numerous benefits, since worm teas are rich in potassium, nitrogen, phosphate, magnesium, and calcium.

Benefits of Worm Tea

Compost tea, vermicomposts tea, and worm castings are all used in referring to worm tea. Worm tea is made from vermicomposts or wastes of worms that have been soaked in water and after which, oxidized. Worm tea is purely organic and worm tea can also be done easily at home. Worm tea possesses numerous benefits, since worm teas are rich in potassium, nitrogen, phosphate, magnesium, and calcium, which all are important in the proper and healthy growth. For both the garden and the gardener to gain all the worm tea’s benefits, gardeners should always keep in mind the importance of proper aeration of the worm tea.

Worm Tea Benefits: Insect Repellent

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Benefits of Worm Tea

Insects are culprits when it comes to the healthy growth of your plants in your garden. Worm tea contains natural insect repellent that will repel white flies, aphids, mites, and scales from your garden. By using worm tea, your entire garden will not just be free from insects, your entire garden will also gain the nutrients found in the worm tea. You will no longer have to use strong chemicals for your garden just to get rid of unwanted insects and pests.

Worm Tea Benefits: Soil Benefits

By saying soil conditioner, worm tea helps in retaining water in the soil for continuous provision of water to the plants, thus making the plants healthier. Aside from worm tea’s effect to the soil as a soil conditioner, worm tea is also an effective fungicide (fungi repellent) for the soil and worm tea is also effective in creating colloidal humus in the soil that is very beneficial to all types of plants.

Worm Tea Benefits: Healthy Bearings

Due to the vitamins and minerals worm tea contains, it is undeniable that worm tea will really be beneficial in keeping all sorts of plants grow healthy in terms of increasing the plants’ stems and foliages sizes. Bearings, such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers will also grow larger if not just healthier compared to bearings under the use of commercially prepared fertilizers.

Worm Tea Benefits: Environment Friendly

Unlike other commercially prepared fertilizers that contain harmful chemicals that will not only harm your garden but also the environment, worm tea does not contain any harmful chemicals, since worm tea is made with everything organic. Worm tea will not just keep your garden free from harmful chemicals, it will also help in maintaining the environment green.


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