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Tea Herb Garden – Create Tea Time in Your Herb Garden

Why not acquire a change from your normal cup of store-bought tea and taste your own homegrown herbal brew? Here are some tips to create your own tea

Tea Herb Garden – Create Tea Time in Your Herb Garden

Perhaps the simplest way of consuming an herb is to make herbal tea. Herbal tea is not difficult to make. You can make tea with seeds, leaves, flowers and even the roots of the herb plant, whether dried and stored or freshly picked. Whatever herb you pick, process of making of the tea is quite similar: take spoon full of herb and pour boiling water over it and let steep. OK, maybe preparing a great cup of tea requires a little more finesse. For that, I’ll suggest you to search for the tea brewing essentials over internet.

You don’t really need a designated tea herb garden, to plant herbs for making tea. Typically a tea herb garden is a place to enjoy tea alone or with friends, not specifically a place to grow one. Any herb garden you have is good to grow and harvest essential herbs for tea. For instance, fennel grown in a pot on the patio will brew just as flavorful as fennel grown in an herb garden. However if it’s your choice devote one corner of your garden for tea herbs, be a little more enthusiastic and leave some space for a few chairs and a small table, so you have a spot at your home to enjoy flavorful sip of tea.

UPDATE: If you are looking for a specific into-depth article of how prepare a tea from your garden herbs, browse this article: How to Make Herbal Tea from Your Garden Herbs

Tips For A Tea in the Herb Garden

Tea Herb Garden

Tea Herb Garden

  • Harvest the herb in the morning when the dew has dried but the leaves are still flourishing in the breeze of the morning.
  • Remember that most herbs are best in taste just before they bloom.
  • To make maximum of the herb, don’t crush or tear them until it’s time to use them. If you crush or tear them you unknowingly waste their essential oils.
  • When its end of the season or frost is furcated – harvest all your herbs. You can dry all your harvested herbs and store for winter beverages or for use as seasonings.

What Herbs You Can Grow For Herbal Teas?

Although it’s a matter of your personal tastes and likings, but following herb have been used for ages:

  • Fennel
  • Basil
  • Chamomile
  • Lemon Balm
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender

Different Methods To Make Herbal Teas

  1. Mix and combine herbs; when the scents blend well, the flavors surely will too.
  2. Add a splash of any citrus juice to the tea and change it into a tasty herbal punch.
  3. An energy-efficient and a fun alternative to habitually brewed tea is nothing but sun tea. Take a jar or a large glass, fill the jar with cool water and add to it fistfuls of fresh herbs. Put on a lid and keep the jar under the sun. You can leave it for hours, getting only more tasteful, not bitter, because under the sun it doesn’t boil. Be a little cautious, however, that the rays of the sun heat the water only to a certain extent, which could possibly lead to bacteria formation. Therefore, drink the tea as soon as it is done and refrigerate any extra but use it within ten hours.


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