Spring Season To Start Your Herb Garden Spring Season To Start Your Herb Garden

Choose Spring Season To Start Your Herb Garden Design

Herb Garden Design. How and when you can start your own herb garden design?

Choose Spring Season To Start Your Herb Garden Design

Choose The Herbs That Fits To Grow In Your Zone

Herb garden design is totally based on your geographic location and place you have to plant herbs. It is not really a tough task; it’s simple and fun if you love gardening. You can use your own skills for an eye-catchy herb garden design. To achieve this, you must have a proper preparation and most importantly choose the right herbs that are fit to grow in your zone. You can search over the internet to find your zone or contact the local nursery for proper information on different herbs that are fit to grow in your zone.  The herbs you select will determine as when and where to plant them.

Start Your Herb Garden Design On A Spring Season

Spring season is the best season to start growing herbs for your herb garden design. The trick is to plant your herb when the weather starts getting warm and harvest in winters. Although, the zone in which you live is also a contributing factor for growing the right kind of herb. The warm months of the year are usually good for growing the herbs followed by the spring and months which are cooler are good for harvesting and preserving herbs from your herb garden design. Spring is the ideal season for growth of herbs as this season helps in their development and renovation. For your herb garden design, the spring is the ideal season for preparing the soil and buys various varieties of herbs like kitchen herbs, herbs with medicinal use or ornamental herbs depending upon your preference. You can start by doing the following to prepare your herb garden design and plantation in the upcoming months:

  • Clean the soil and see it does not contain bug that could be harmful for your herb growth
  • Add manure and fertilizers to fertilize the soil and increase its fertility
  • Add compost to planting beds
  • Make room for the plantation of new herbs
  • See if any herb plant could be benefited by transplanting it to new location
Choose Spring Season To Start Your Herb Garden Design

Full Growth Of Herbs Starts Taking Place In Summers

Summer Season Will Give A Final Shape To Your Herb Garden Design

After the proper plantation of herbs in your outdoor herb garden in the spring, summers will be full with aroma and different colors of your herbs. You can make use of the leaves of the herbs from your herb garden design to add flavor to your food. You can use the tops of the herbs that will make your herb plant profuse and prevent them from becoming leggy. Summer is the time where you will notice full growth of your herbs. The herb garden design and formation that you used for your herb garden will start taking shape and after that you need to give them proper maintenance for their perennial growth.

Rotate Plants In Autumn For The Best Results For Your Herb Garden Design

Autumn is the time when you need to be a little more vigorous to maintain the herb plantation of your herb garden. This is the time, where many herbs start dying. You should keep an eye to replace the dead plants and see that you rotate herbs for the proper look of your herb garden design.

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