Herb Garden Design


Hey there, my name is Joseph Miller. Gardening has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I spent countless childhood afternoons helping my grandfather tend to his impressive herb and vegetable garden. Under his patient guidance, I learned how to care for plants and use their bounty in cooking. Those times together fostered my lifelong passion for herbs.

After high school, I explored different careers but always found myself drawn back to gardening. I realized it was more than just a hobby – working with plants brought me true joy and purpose.

So when I retired a while ago, I was excited to finally devote myself fully to my herbal garden dreams. Gardening has been not just a pastime but a calling. I wanted to share the knowledge gleaned from decades of planting, nurturing, harvesting, and using herbs. And so, the Herbal Gardener website was born!

joseph miller portrait

Through this site, I aim to pass on the wisdom my grandfather gave me. I’ll never forget his fascination with herbs’ healing properties, or the way his eyes lit up discussing his latest garden project. He fostered my creativity by letting me build trellises and plant markers from wood scraps, sparking a love of garden design. I hope to inspire others as he did me.

Gardening has also provided respite through difficult times. After my wife passed away, tending the parsley, sage, and rosemary plants we’d planted together brought me comfort. My garden became a sanctuary. Now remarried, my wife and I enjoy cooking with fresh herbs and vanilla beans from our backyard oasis.

As a father and recent grandfather, I’m humbled to witness the cycle continuing. My young granddaughter already shows interest in digging in the dirt! I look forward to helping her plant her first seeds when she visits this spring.

Gardening has added richness, flavor, and purpose to my life’s journey. My goal is to share its gifts and help others explore their herbal green thumbs through this website. This garden grandpa’s adventure continues.

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